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Saudi tourism authority to begin Riyadhs National Museum expansion project

Author: sarah glubbTue, 2018-06-12 21:39ID: 1528829823914716900

JEDDAH: The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) will start implementing the first phase of developing and expanding the National Museum of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh over the next two months .
The latest project will be among the biggest, and most modern and advanced museum projects regionally and worldwide.
The museum will be seen in a new concept and its social and cultural roles will aim toward more activity in the community.
New services will also be offered on the museums premises, including galleries, theaters, restaurants and training rooms, in addition to installing the latest interactive technologies.
The development project also includes establishing a four-star hotel with an essence of Saudi Arabian heritage.
SCTH Chairman, Prince Sultan bin Salman, issued a decree to form a board of trustees of the National Museum in Riyadh in a bid to prepare for the museums transformation into an independent institution.
A committee to review the master plans and projects of the museum will also be created. Full supervision to ensure the museums development program will also be intact.
A plan will be submitted with a specific timeline for the development committees work, as well as attracting experts to assist the committee in developing the museum.

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