EastEnders spoilers: Rainie and Jack Brannings sex secret is exposed to Max

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From the moment that Rainie Branning got to grips with Maxs brother Jack in EastEnders, we knew that it was a ticking timebomb – and it is about to explode, leading to anger and violence which will rock Walford and potentially cause Max to lose baby Abi forever.

When Max and Rainie receive a statement from Cora Cross solicitor stating that their marriage is a sham and Rainie slept with Jack, Max is furious but when he sees how shifty Rainie is being, he races to have it out with Jack, who admits the truth.

(Picture: BBC)

Rainie does her best to make it up to Max but he tells her that she has ruined their whole case for custody as they were relying on providing Abi with a stable family environment. However, Max then calms down and decides to play the game, insisting that Cora has it all wrong.

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But when Cora pushes Rainies buttons in the Vic, Rainie snaps and chaos ensues, meaning she has made it all worse. Max calms his raging wife down as she loses it with Cora and later he heads over to Ian Beales, where he sees Rainie trying to make an effort with Cora and work out a way to do whats best for Abi.

(Picture: BBC)

Cora is having none of it and when an argument ensues, she lashes out and injures Rainie, leaving everyone shocked. As events spiral out of control, Max needs Staceys help but its too late to rectify this situation and the police are soon on the scene to take Abi into care.

As Rainie recuperates in hospital, she blames herself upon hearing that Abi is in care but agrees with Max when he demands that she presses charges against Cora. Rainie and Max apologise to Ian for the violence in his home and he admits that he cant support Coras application after what she did.

However, Max is not willing to let Rainie off the hook and reminds her that they may have lost Abi forever because of everything that has happened. Can Rainie find a way to sort this out – or has she lost Max and Abi for good?

One to watch: Monday 12th November at 8pm on BBC One.

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