Producer-Manager Chris Cowles Joins Alldayeveryday

Alex Needles

Chris Cowles, formerly an executive at DMG Entertainment whose producing credits include 2017s Blockers and Chappaquiddick, has joined Alldayeveryday, the production company now expanding its auspices into scripted entertainment.

Cowles will be based in Los Angeles and become an Alldayeveryday partner alongside John Kaplan, Arrow Kruse, Michael Karbelnikoff, working with them and executive producer Peter Kline across the companys entertainment slate. He brings with him a management roster of writer-directors clients including Patrick Aison (Jack Ryan, Wunderkind), F. Scott Frazier (The Good Spy, Berliner), Chris Borrelli (Leave Me Alone, 100 Bullets), Taylor Allen & Andrew Logan (Chappaquiddick), Justin Malen (Yes Day, Office Christmas Party), and Ryan ONan (Queen of the South, Legion).

Before DMG, he worked in production for Judd Apatow and Scott Rudin among others.


“Over the years, Allday has been defined by passionate directors and creative collaborators who lead with a strong artistic point-of-view,” said Kaplan, Alldays president. “With Chris film and TV producing experience and proven ability to develop original scripted material with an incredible roster of writing talent, we feel like we can finally push Alldays sensibility across the entire spectrum of storytelling. We couldnt be more excited about where we are headed with Chris in the family.”

Allday has several projects in the works including the The Color of Cola movie at HBO with Viola Davis and Mark Landsman; Cheryl Dunns upcoming documentary on artist Dash Snow for Viceland; and projects set up at AMC, Imagine, Newform, Uninterrupted and MRC. Its docu Alt Right: Age of Rage was acquired by Gravitas and Gunpowder & Sky after its premiere at SXSW and comes out later this year.

It also produces content for clients including Apple, Nike, Lyft, Converse and Postmates.

“Im super excited to be partnering with John, Arrow, Michael and Peter,” Cowles said. “In todays landscape, the opportunity for uniquely talented artists to create content for any platform has never been greater. I could not be more inspired by the ecosystem were building at Allday to support these voices and foster collaboration in pursuit of creating work that we are proud of.”

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