Russia Establishes New Profession to Teach Retirees How to Use the Internet

Elderly Russians without grandchildren to guide them can now count on paid gurus to help them navigate the vast expanses of the online world.

The newly created “digital curators” job will focus on teaching retirees how to pay their bills and maintain their documents online, according to the Labor and Social Protection Ministrys “VNII Truda” labor institute.

“The new professions creation is tied to life in a digital economy,” the institute said in a press release Friday.

In addition to knowing how to use the internet, the curators needed skills include “engaging in dialogue while taking into account the interlocutors age,” according to a job description on the governments legal portal.

Vocational centers to train the “digital curators” will be established by mid-December, VNII Truda quoted senior professional qualifications official Yury Gertsy as saying.

“Theres demand for such a profession. Its confirmed by research that wed commissioned from [state-funded pollster] VTsIOM,” State Duma deputy Lyubov Dukhanina was quoted as saying.

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