Coronation Street spoilers: 8 huge twists still ahead including death, stunts and shock reveals

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Its all kicking off at Coronation Street as they plan to cram as many major storylines, twists and turns into the end of the year. In the run up to Christmas and in the beginning of the new year (hey, 2019 is just around the corner!), they are hitting us with all sorts from shocking deaths and explosive stunts to some heartbreaking devastation and some long awaited romance – hopefully!

And thats before we get to the scandal of Roy Cropper apparently being caught dogging by the police. Yep, Corrie have something for everyone – amid their Christmas of fun, warmth and laughter, there is also unmissable drama.

Here are 8 of the most scintillating twists:

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Dead end for Lewis

Lewis is back with Audrey in Coronation Street
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Its no secret that Nigel Havers is leaving his role of Lewis for good at the start of next year as the oily con man will be killed off – but the nature of his exit and how it comes about remains a closely guarded secret.

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Will Audrey lose another man she loves in a New Year tragedy or will Lewis reveal his true colours and end up being bumped off? Step away from those hair straighteners, Auds, hes not worth it…

Christmas in prison for Sally?

Sally means business in Coronation Street
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Viewers have been hoping that Sally might come home for her turkey and stuffing with the family after her prison ordeal but according to Sally Dynevor, we might have to rule this out as things are looking bleak.

She warned Inside Soap: I dont think shes going to have a happy Christmas. She thinks shell be home, and it just breaks my heart to think that she might not be at home on Christmas Day. Prison food!

Liz left for dead

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Christmas is going to have a shocking sting in the tail for poor Liz as she is run down and left for dead in a shocking hit and run incident – but will she survive? And who is behind it? Fans will likely suspect Jenny or even the malicious fake daughter, Hannah.

But its Johnny who looks set to end up cuffed by police – have they got the right culprit?

Explosive boat horror

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In a very dramatic start to 2019, it looks like the lives of Simon and Peter will be in serious jeopardy as reports have emerged that they will be caught in a blaze which takes hold of a boat. Keen on joining the navy, Simon is at the centre of the disaster.

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Can Peter save his life?

Roys scandal

After losing her beloved Cerberus, Evelyn is on a mission to hunt the pooch down and Roy is along for the ride – whether he likes it or not. But when the police see his car sitting suspiciously in a layby, he stands accused of a pretty inappropriate crime.

Can Roy talk his way out of this potential scandal and will Evelyn be reunited with Cerberus?

Kates major mistake

Kate and Rana split up in Coronation Street
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Desperate to have a baby, Kate is keen to have Robert as a sperm donor for herself and Rana – despite Rana being less than keen on starting a family at this stage. But things will get even worse when Kate makes the mistake of trying to seduce Adam as a plan B.

Thankfully, hope lies on the horizon and the return of Imogen acts as a catalyst to get the fractured relationship back on track so a 2019 wedding may still be on the cards!

A significant Christmas for Carla and Peter

Will Carla and Peter get back together in Coronation Street
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Carla may have denied her feelings for Peter but fans know different and relations between them are set to thaw once more when she hands him a touching and significant gift this Christmas before the pair then cross paths at new year.

Could they kick off 2019 as a reunited couple?

Abi loses everything

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After discovering that Tracy was behind the sabotage on Michelles car, Abi has to take the rap for Seb when he unleashes an angry attack on the florist. As Abi is left shocked to then be jailed for 16 weeks, she fears she has lost her twins for good.


Seb makes the decision to adopt them himself – but he will have to sacrifice his relationship with his troubled mum. What will he do?

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