10 EastEnders spoilers: Double return for Mel and Tiffany and missing child torment

Double return for Mel and Tiffany, missing child and 8 more EastEnders spoilers
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We love it when a familiar face returns to EastEnders and no sooner as Masood Ahmed made himself at home back in Walford than we also welcome back Mel Owen and Tiffany Butcher to the fold – but both of them are hiding whopping secrets.

Speaking of Masood, he is having the week from hell as his attempts to show off in front of his rival Ian Beale backfire spectacularly and then he is responsible for Arshad and Mariam’s foster child going missing.

Meanwhile, there’s a surprising new candidate who could take on Dot’s role at the launderette.

Here is your latest Walford preview:

10 EastEnders spoilers

  • Whitney is shocked when Tiffany suddenly turns up on her doorstep.
  • Karen applies for a job at the launderette and lies to her family that the role is hers.
  • Masood makes out he is a big deal to Ian but then tries to fleece Carmel.
  • Mel arrives back in Walford and uses a conversation with Ian to her advantage.
  • Tiffany sets out to sabotage Whitney’s planned move to Wakefield.
  • Arshad and Mariam’s foster daughter goes missing while under Masood’s care.
  • Karen faces competition for the launderette job and both candidates are given a trial.
  • Whitney finds a pregnancy test and demands answers from Tiffany.
  • Mariam and Arshad face losing their chances of ever fostering again.
  • Ian is delighted to uncover Masood’s lies and hits back with his own boasts.

Monday 8th January

Tiffany shocks Whitney in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Whitney is miffed when Shirley tells her that she will no longer be needed at the Vic. After a pep talk from Bex, Whitney decides to resurrect her t-shirt business but her plans are put on hold when Tiffany suddenly turns up on her doorstep.

Masood tells Jack he wants to rent a flat but he isn’t as well off as he makes out and he tries to keep Carmel’s security deposit. Karen secures an interview at the launderette despite having a go at the manager.

Tuesday 9th January

Karen arrives for interview in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Karen’s interview gets off to a bad start and she tries to charm her way to the post. But when her past then is brought up, she is worried that she has blown it. Nevertheless, she tells her family that the job is in the bag.

Masood is left to look after young Daisy and panics when she goes missing while Tiffany plots to stop Whitney moving to Wakefield.

Thursday 11th January

Mel talks to Ian in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Mel arrives back on the Square and she is a woman on a mission. Ian is surprised to see her turn up in the cafe and as they catch up, Mel finds a way to use their conversation to her advantage – but what is she after?

The police are called as Daisy remains missing but when she is found, Masood is upset to hear that Arshad and Mariam may lose their fostering dream. Meanwhile, Karen is upset to learn that the launderette is still holding interviews.

Friday 12th January

Whitney thinks Tiffany is pregnant in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Whitney discovers a pregnancy test in the bin and confronts Tiffany over it but what will she find out?

Karen goes head to head with another candidate for the launderette job and when the manager tires of their bickering, he offers them both a trial. Meanwhile, Ian is delighted to learn from Arshad that Masood was lying about his success and makes some boasts of his own.

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