12 soap spoiler pictures: Emmerdale death crash, Coronation Street gun horror for Eileen, Mel EastEnders return and Hollyoaks tunnel horror

Emmerdale death crash, Corrie Eileen shock, EastEnders Mel back and 17 more soap spoilers
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You know when you wait ages for a family-driving-a-car-but-is-then-hit-by-a-lorry storyline to air in soap and then two come along at once? Nightmare! The Whites in Emmerdale and the Maaliks in Hollyoaks could be about to meet a dead end in dramatic crash scenes.

Also at risk of death is Seb Franklin in Coronation Street as he exposes Phelan’s lies to Eileen while in EastEnders, Mel Owen is home – and she has a big mission to undertake!

As if all of that wasn’t action packed enough, Kate Connor makes a big decision and leaves Weatherfield, Tiffany Butcher has a baby shock in Walford, James Nightingale is on edge in Hollyoaks and Moira Dingle gets terrible news in Emmerdale.

Here are all of the spoilers you could possibly need!

Coronation Street

Eileen discovers the truth about Phelan in Coronation Street
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Seb is wary of Phelan and starts to suspect the truth and so blurts out to Eileen that she can’t trust her shady husband. As Seb then goes missing, Phelan focuses on tracking him down while Eileen searches his toolbox after visiting Anna but what will she find?

Kate leaves Rana and Sophie behind in Coronation Street
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Rana is hurt when Kate kisses Sophie during a night out but as the secret lovers continue to struggle, Kate needs to get away and heads out of Weatherfield. Later, when Sophie expresses her feelings for Kate, Rana tries to put her off.

Will Chesney and Sinead marry in Coronation Street?
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It’s the day of Chesney and Sinead’s wedding but doubts plague them both and Chesney is stirred when he clocks an intense look between his bride and Daniel. Will Daniel gatecrash the wedding and will the pair become man and wife?


Mel confronts Ian in EastEnders
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Ian is staggered when Mel suddenly strolls into the cafe and as they catch up, it becomes clear that Mel has other motives. On a mission relating to her teenage son, Mel sets out to use her chat with Ian to her advantage but what is she up to?

Tiffany shocks Whitney in EastEnders
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Tiffany suddenly makes an appearance on Whitney’s doorsteps, foiling her plans to move away to start up a business. And when Whitney later finds a pregnancy test thrown in the bin, Whitney demands answers from her half-sister.

Masood faces troubles in EastEnders
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Masood is trying to act the big shot around Ian but it soon becomes clear that his success has been wildly exaggerated. Later, Masood is tasked with looking after Arshad and Mariam’s foster child but when young Daisy goes missing, the police are called.


Robert kidnaps Seb in Emmerdale
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Robert discovers that the Whites are making plans to secretly move to Australia with Seb in tow and grabs the baby away from them. As the family give chase in their car, an argument between Lachlan and Chrissie sees him grab the wheel and send the vehicle into the path of a lorry.

Moira gets terrible news in Emmerdale
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Moira reaches out to Ross and Pete, offering them their share in the farm and Cain is worried that she is raising too many suspicions. Later, Moira is hit with devastating news when DS Benton comes calling but is it about Adam?

Harriet makes a decision in Emmerdale
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Harriet is upset as she continues to see Cain spending time with Moira and when she observes their little family playing together, she confides in Laurel that she is contemplating leaving the church. But will this take her out of the village too?


The Maaliks are caught in a stunt in Hollyoaks
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As the Maaliks head home from a fun day out, Misbah loses control of the car and a crash pulls Diane and Tony into the carnage too. As a lorry approaches, more than one of Misbah’s children are trapped and she is forced to make a terrible decision before the impact.

James faces the end in Hollyoaks
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James and Harry urgently talk about Amy’s death and when Sami walks in, they are petrified when they think that he has overheard their conversation. Meanwhile, another discovery from Sami sees him make a decision but can Kim intervene?

Maggie hugs Brody in Hollyoaks
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Brody agrees to accompany a dying Maggie to the hospital and when Scott sees them sharing a tender hug, he completely jumps to the wrong conclusion and thinks that they’re on a date. He then determines to prove his theory to a stunned Damon.


Craig interrupts Bethany in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)
  • Craig gets mixed signals from Bethany in Coronation Street while she secretly tries to keep her job as a lapdancer hidden.
  • Karen competes for the job at the launderette but when she is pitted against someone else, who will come out on top in EastEnders?
  • Bob vows to win Brenda back in Emmerdale and lays out a surprise but will it pay off?
  • Sean is kicked out in Coronation Street after accidentally deleting Jude’s files on his laptop so moves in with an unsure Tyrone.
  • Diane issues Tony with an ultimatum in Hollyoaks but is it the end of their marriage?
  • Shirley is left in charge of the Queen Vic in EastEnders and tells Whitney she is no longer needed.
  • Peri and Leela are at each other’s throats in Hollyoaks while Lily bunks off school to do drinking.
  • The police turn up to confront Debbie and Charity in Emmerdale but what do they want?

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