Its payback time? Russia slaps Facebook with… $47 fine

Facebook has been punished for failing to store the personal data of Russian citizens on servers within the country. But the double-digit fine is unlikely to make the company, which earned $55.8 billion in 2018, change its ways.

A Moscow court ordered Facebook to pay 3,000 rubles (around $47) for refusing to provide information on the localization of the personal data of Russian users on the territory of Russia to telecom watchdog, Roskomnadzor.

Its the lowest possible penalty for such an offense. However, the harshest fine would still see the US company forking out a mere 5,000 rubles ($78).

Fridays hearing went on without the representatives of the social media giant, who didnt arrive in court for the second time in a row and didnt ask for the session to be rescheduled.

According to the case materials, Facebook justified its refusal to Roskomnadzor in an email by claiming that the personal data of its users “isnt segmented by the geographical principle.”

Also on Twitter fined $46 in Russia but could face being blocked for non-compliance with countrys law

The administrative case against company was launched in January after the watchdogs boss, Aleksandr Zharov, said the response provided by Facebook lacked specifics.

In April, Twitter was also penalized $47 for similar violations as the two social media platforms continue to resist the 2015 law that forbids the storing of personal data of Russian citizens on servers abroad.

The small fines may raise a smile, but the penalties can become a lot stricter if FacebooRead More – Source




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