Russian Spetsnaz kill 2 ISIS militants in anti-terrorist op in Tyumen (VIDEOS)

Russian counter-terrorism police say they prevented an imminent Islamic State attack in the Siberian city of Tyumen, as two armed terror suspects were eliminated in an intense raid with heavy gunfire and explosions.

The militants, who were holed up in a private home, refused to lay down their arms and opened fire at the law enforcement on Friday. “They were neutralized during a gunfight,” the National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NAC) said.

There were no casualties among civilians and security personnel as a result of the exchange of fire.

The terrorists were planning an attack in the public place in the city and the decision to launch an operation was made swiftly, the NAC said.

Numerous unconfirmed videos on social media appeared to show the nighttime operation in full swing, with heavy gunfire, a building on fire, and a score of police cars and military vehicles amassed in the streets.

Прямо сейчас люди, похожие на полицию и ФСБ, штурмуют дом, в котором предположительно засели люди, имеющие отношение к запрещённой на РФ организации ИГИЛ.

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