Holby City review with spoilers: Hanssen plays granddad and Dominic deals with Isaac

Dominic needs to decide who his friends are (Picture: BBC)

It seemed that Isaac Mayfield (Marc Elliott) had well and truly got his claws into Dominic Copeland (David Ames) in tonights Holby City, which started with Dominic tipping a box of Loftys things on the ground outside the hospital. They no longer sparked joy, he told Serena (Catherine Russell), because even under stress he has his finger on the pulse of popular culture. It looked like Dominic and Lofty (Lee Mead)s relationship was finally over, but in a psychologically complex and brilliantly acted episode, it seemed that Dominic again found the strength to walk away from the poisonous Isaac.

As Jon Mayfield (Geoff Leesley) lay dying we found that his upbringing of Isaac was at least partly to blame for how Isaac turned out. Jon couldnt see this, and blamed Dominic for getting Isaac put in prison and destroying his career. Which one of us made the monster? he asked Dom. Jon had signed an advance directive to say that he wasnt to be allowed to die without any interventions, but when he went downhill Dominic ignored this, because Jon had been about to say something. When Dominic was reported to Hanssen (Guy Henry) for this he once again suspected Lofty, but it turned out (of course) to have been Isaac.



The situation climaxed in a tense scene that was literally a face-off, as Dom and Isaac confronted each other with their faces almost touching. It was classic telly kissing distance and the entire Holby viewership will have been screaming at Dominic not to succumb. Right to the end, Isaac was trying to goad him. After us you needed something safe, he said. I needed to feel loved, Dominic acknowledged. Then he said that he wanted things to go back to how they used to be, a phrase hed used earlier with Lofty. Which used to be was he talking about? It still isnt certain whether Dom and Lofty will be able to repair their marriage, but at least Dominic now knows what he doesnt want. Have a nice life, he told Isaac, but I rather hope he doesnt.

Henrik Hanssen had visitors in this episode. First of all he had a visit from Sacha (Bob Barrett) to discuss an operation and clumsily destroy Hanssens new anatomical model, which fell apart all over the office floor. This gave rise to some humour later. Theres a lung on the floor, Dominic noticed at one point. Ah, yes. Mr Levy dropped it, said Hanssen.

Hanssen gets news in Holby City
Worries for Granddad Hanssen (Picture: BBC)

Very sweetly, the person who found the heart was Hanssens little grandson Oskar (Harry Weston), whod been brought to Holby by his worried mum Sara (Dana Smit). She thought there was something medically wrong with Oskar, but when all tests came back negative Hanssen and Ange (Dawn Steele) realised that it was Sara who had the problem. She was terrified that Oskar might turn out like his father Fredrik. Hanssen knew what she meant, but insisted that the unease was in him and her, and nothing to do with the little boy. Sara still couldnt cope, and fled the hospital, leaving Oskar in the care of his grandfather. And what adorable care it is, too.



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