Avengers stars Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland trolling each other is everything

Sat down with competition winner @TomHolland1996 in Bali. So great to see the look on his face when he got to meet his hero. #MIB #MIBInternational 🕶

— Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) June 8, 2019

Marvel stars Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland are about to go head to head this summer with their own blockbuster adventures, Men In Black 4 and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

So of course the pair decided to interview each other about their respective movies and the following two minutes is a masterclass in trolling.

It began with the caption, with Chris taking to Twitter to reveal he sat down with competition winner @TomHolland1996 in Bali.

So great to see the look on his face when he got to meet his hero, he added.

But as the interview kicked off, the roasting got hotter.

Tom is it? Tom Hiddleston? mocks Chris, before asking why Thor wasnt in Far From Home.



It was for the front running Avengers in this one, says Tom, who is going to take up RDJs spot?

Yeah thats why I asked where Thor was… scoffs Chris.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth was not having Toms cheek (Picture: Unsuited)

The pair then decided to discuss Thors weight gain in Endgame, with Chris revealing he made the decision to go full method for the film and dont worry, Academy, hes already cleared off space on his mantelpiece for the Oscar.

As for Far From Home, Chris decides to tell Tom that hes already seen a copy of this down in the markets and that bad news, theyve already recast Tom with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Tom Holland

Tom favourite actors in the world include Luke and Liam Hemsworth (Picture: Unsuited)

Tom then reveals his favourite actors in the world are Liam Hemsworth, Luke Hemsworth is super super talented, and as for his third favourite?

I think India Hemsworth has potential… she could grow up to be a great actress, he teases of Chris daughter.

Tom, whos renowned for slipping spoilers left, right and centre, recently posted a behind the scenes video of one of the most devastating scenes of Endgame.

It turns out the cast were led to believe they were filming a wedding – albeit a pretty sombre one – but despite the film being released in late April he admitted he was nervous about sharing his clips due to his reputation.

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