Casualty review with spoilers: Jade impresses Dylan and Dani gets dangerous

Jade juggles her priorities (Picture: BBC)

There was a shocking moment even before the titles rolled in tonights Casualty. Dani (Georgia Hughes), the girl whos been kind-of stalking Ruby (Maddy Hill) for a while now, was first on the scene when there were multiple casualties after an attempted robbery. Im a paramedic, she told bystanders, and she even had a stethoscope around her neck to prove it – the one she stole from Rubys locker. Clearly panicking because she had no idea what she should really be doing to help a badly injured woman, she decided the patient needed a tracheotomy – and reached for a scalpel.

Just as she had the blade poised over the patient/victims throat, the cavalry arrived in the form of Iain (Michael Stevenson) and Ruby. Ruby finally realised that she was out of her depth with Dani. She told Iain what had been happening and he helped her to tell Jan (Di Botcher). Jan was naturally not best pleased and told Ruby she mustnt contact Dani again. Meanwhile Dani was at home sobbing over a paramedic textbook. With Ruby ignoring her attempts to contact her by phone, Dani jumped in her car and drove off presumably towards the hospital, but crashed her car before she could get there. This was her chance to get Rubys attention, and she refused to allow any other paramedic to even open the car door – it had to be Ruby.



Ruby was absolutely lovely with her, understanding that all this had come about because Dani had lost her mum, to whom shed been really close. Later, she forced herself to be firm and told Dani that they couldnt be real friends and told her to keep away. Will this be the end of it, I wonder? Ruby told the story to a paramedics support meeting later on, and was pleased when Iain came along too, even though hed said it wasnt his thing.

Maggots are very much Jade (Gabriella Leon)s thing and she was pleased when Dylan (William Beck) asked her to help when a patient needed the assistance of the squiggly wound-cleaners. Team Maggot Lives! said Jade, going for a high-five and failing. This is Dylan were talking about – high fives are almost guaranteed to fail. The patient who was having the maggot treatment was a new-age hippy sort of woman who called herself Magdalena Spellbinder. Dylan was not impressed. How did you do this? he asked, examining a wound on her foot. Aromatherapy accident? Magdalena thought his churlishness might be down to blocked auras. My auras are in fine shape, thank you, he replied. All none of them.

Dylan is impressed in Casualty
High five! Nope… (Picture: BBC)

Its for moments like this that you have to love Dylan, but of course his people skills are sometimes a bit lacking. Jade was distracted from her maggot work by another patient who was deaf and needed her skills with sign language. Jade also felt that he was more ill than the doctors had realised and tried to get Dylan to have a look at him. He said he was too busy, dismissing her concerns – much as Marty (Shaheen Jafargholi) had dismissed her earlier when shed said she was interested in applying for a nursing bursary. Then she spotted that her deaf patient had meningitis and Dylan had to admit that shes a great nurse with excellent instincts.



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