Coronation Street spoilers: Roy Cropper discovers his mothers shocking secret

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Coronation Streets Roy Croppers (David Neilson) ongoing storyline of discovering the meaning behind the mystery ring he inherited from his late mother will reach its conclusion in upcoming episodes as he discovers a shocking secret about her.

Since finding the ring among his mothers belongings and the engraving on the ring saying R.P 01.03.59 Rhea, Roy, Brian (Peter Gunn) and Wayne (Adam Barlow) have tried to discover the reason behind the engraving and why his mother had it in the first place – lets just say luck hasnt been on their side so far!

The pieces of this puzzle will begin to fit together soon when health and safety inspector Wayne arrives at the cafe to tell Roy hes been doing some more research into Sylvias ring. Roy, however, asks Wayne to stop his research and when both Brian and Wayne realise Roy has been acting strangely ever since he got back from Portsmouth, Roy admits the secret of the ring reveals his mother had an affair.
Some advice from Cathy (Melanie Hill) changes Roys mind, and he tells Brian and Wayne he would be grateful for their help in researching his family.



But it doesnt end there! Brian and Waynes research will lead Wayne to introducing Roy to Alice Parrott, who reveals that her father, Raymond, had an affair with Sylvia. Alice hands Roy a number of love letters, leaving him somewhat upset as he realises there was a loving side to his mother that he never saw.

This leaves Roy to come to the conclusion that his mother was capable of love, but sadly didnt love him. As he sees Wayne out, Wayne thanks Roy for the kindness that he and Hayley (Julie Hesmondhalgh) showed him as a child and promises to keep in touch.

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