How to get Radioheads OK Computer sessions as band releases set following hack

thom yorke of radiohead
Jokes on the hacker/s (Picture: Gary Wolstenholme/Redferns)

Radiohead have released their rare OK Computer sessions in response to a ransom demand from a hacker.

In a move thats been widely praised, the band have released the 18 tracks which the hacker or hackers threatened to share with the world unless they received $150,000 (£118,000).

If you want to listen to the OK Computer sessions – which were never meant for mass consumption – then read on, because weve got what you need to know.

How to get Radioheads OK Computer sessions

All you have to do is go to Radioheads Bandcamp page and you can download the whole digital album, which comprises of 18 tracks and comes in at 18 hours long, for $18 (£14).

If you dont want to or are unable to pay to download the songs, theyre also available to stream for free.

Youll have to move sharpish though, because these tracks will only be available for the next 18 days.



Proceeds from the downloads will go in aid of the charity Extinction Rebellion, which is an organisation that seeks to raise awareness of and provoke action to fight climate change.

Jonny Greenwood, guitarist and keyboardist for the band, said in a statement: We got hacked last week – someone stole Thoms minidisk archive from around the time of OK Computer, and reportedly demanded $150,000 on threat of releasing it.

So instead of complaining – much – or ignoring it, were releasing all 18 hours on Bandcamp in aid of Extinction Rebellion. Just for the next 18 days. So for £18 you can find out if we should have paid that ransom.

Never intended for public consumption (though some clips did reach the cassette in the OK Computer reissue) its only tangentially interesting. And very, very long. Not a phone download. Rainy out, isnt it though? Jonny.

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In response to this move, Extinction Rebellion tweeted: Thank you so much to @JnnyG and @radiohead for supporting the rebellion so we can continue to build this powerful movement of non-violent civil disobedience.

“Were not scaremongering / This is really happening.” -Idioteque #TelltheTruth #ActNow.

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