Moment Pro Camera gets support for long-exposure photography on iOS

Moment Pro Camera, the camera app originally designed for Moments range of aftermarket smartphone lenses, is getting support for long-exposure photography on iOS. The feature is technically blending together a number of shorter exposures rather than creating a long single exposure like a traditional camera would, but it can be used to create a couple of different photo effects, such as light trails or motion blur. It supports exposures of predetermined lengths, or you can manually start and stop your exposure.

Its a pretty simple implementation, but the functionality can create some neat results. I particularly liked the light trail effect, which worked well, despite the fact that I was using it in a bright room. The downside is that you really need to use a tripod if you want any parts of your image to remain sharp. No matter how hard I tried, I couldnt hold my hand steady enough to keep the background in focus.

Once youve shot the image, it will save as a Live Photo to your iOS camera roll by default, but there are also options to export each image as a static JPG or as a MOV video file. You can check out how the new mode works in Moments video below.

Moment isnt the only company to experiment with long-exposure photography in a camera app. Earlier this year, the team behind Halide released Spectre, an app that attempted to use AI to optimize your images. Its AI was meant to stabilize your images, so you wouldnt get motion blur as a result of the long exposure. It was an ambitious idea, but at launch, it was a little more hit and miss in practice. The best way to get a clear shot was still to use an old-fashioned tripod.

Moment Pro Camera has come a long way since its days as a simple comp

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