7 Holby City spoilers: Terror for Chloe and a shock for Dominic

A worry for Chloe (Picture: BBC)

Theres a whole heap of worry for Chloe (Amy Lennox) in tonights Holby City. Shes trying to impress Jac (Rosie Marcel) with her research project and starting to mend bridges with her mum Ange (Dawn Steele). Then boyfriend Evan (Jack Ryder) is attacked and left in a life-threatening condition. As Holbys finest face a battle to save his life, he refuses treatment until Chloe makes him a promise.

A mystery woman comes to the hospital looking for Lofty (Lee Mead). Her arrival causes Dominic (David Ames) to question whether his marriage to Lofty can survive. And Serena (Catherine Russell) is suffering on the morning after the night before. Here are all the spoilers to look out for.

1. Chloe is working hard on her research project and desperately wants Jac Naylors approval. Jac has some advice for her first, including not to let herself be distracted by relationships. But Chloe finds that Evan is not so easy to ignore.



2. Its Cameron (Nic Jackman)s first day on AAU. How will he settle in to his new job?

3. A woman turns up on AAU looking for Lofty, but hes gone upstairs with a patient. As she wanders the corridors looking for him, its Dominic she bumps into first. Assuming shes an old friend of Loftys, Dominic is friendly and welcoming – but then he realises who she really is.

4. Evan is doing his best to get a permanent job at Holby, so he can be near Chloe. Will she be equally keen when she finds out?

5. Why is Serena Campbell avoiding Fleur Fanshawe (Debbie Chazen)? What could have happened on their girls night out the previous evening? When Fleurs expertise is needed on AAU theres nowhere to hide for Serena and she has to face up to what happened. And Fleur is not going to make it easy for her.

Serena Holby City
What happened last night? (Picture: BBC)

6. Lofty and Dominics marriage is put to the test yet again when the woman looking for Lofty turns out to be the person he had the fling with in America. Can their relationship, only recently patched up, survive this new setback?

7. Evan finds himself at the sharp end when an angry patient becomes violent and he sustains a life-threatening injury. As his condition deteriorates he needs Read More – Source

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