I wouldnt sanction Georgia out of respect for its people – Putin

Any measures that damage ties between Russia and Georgia must be avoided, Vladimir Putin said. As for the Georgian TV host who targeted him with an abusive rant, the man is too insignificant to be mentioned, the President added.

“I wouldnt introduce sanctions against Georgia out of respect for its people,” Putin said.

Earlier on Tuesday, the parliament had urged the Russian government to ban imports of Georgian wine and table water, as well as to restrict money transfers to the country, among other measures.

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Another spike in tensions between Moscow and Tbilisi occurred last weekend, when local TV host, Georgiy Gabuniya opened his TV chat show with an obscene address to Putin, delivered in Russian, in which he targeted the President and his late parents in the most vulgar terms possible.

The bizarre stunt made headlines, but the Russian leader believes that it wasnt worth the fuss. “He came out, said something, being a real nothing,” he said of Gabuniya.

As for calls to bring criminal charges against the so-called journalist for offending a head of state, Putin pointed out that the man just “didnt deserve such an honor.”

Anti-Russian sentiment in Georgia is promoted by those who dont remember history and who want to harm their own country, he added.

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Georgias President Salome Zourabichvili had previously called on Moscow not to fall for the provocaRead More – Source




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