We’re applauding Disney for being so diverse and seriously hoping everyone will follow its lead

A black Little Mermaid? A feminist Bo Peep? Not an entirely white cast? Yes, the Disney princess got woke.

In recent years, Disney has attracted criticism for their lack of diversity. With majority white casts and gendered stereotypes, the world grew increasingly frustrated by the lack of aspirational role models. Should we be encouraging young girls to be at the mercy of men? Who are young black girls meant to look up to if they dont see themselves represented on screen? These are hugely valid points that thankfully are being addressed.

Case in point: Last month saw the arrival of the fourth instalment of Toy Story 4 but this time, Bo Peep who used to play a supporting role as Woodys love interest returned as a leading lady with a new feminist attitude. “Its about embracing the femininity of a stronger, more self-sufficient character", said Mara MacMahon, a character modeller who worked on Bos makeover.


Equally, R&B singer Halle Bailey has been revealed as the new Ariel in the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, making her the first black princess in 22 years. That it took this long is shocking but we can only praise Disney for casting a young black woman, and the significant impact it will have for todays younger generation.

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Similarly, Disneys The Lion King arrives on our screens next week with none other than Queen Bey and Donald Glover voicing Simba and Nala (so major). Despite not physically appearing on screen, the diverse line-up of Hollywood actors, singers and comedians voicing the film get

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