Yodelling boy is on Lil Nas Xs latest Old Town Road remix

Yodelling boy is in Lil Nas x's new remix
Lil Nas X featured yodelling boy in the third remix of Old Town Road. (Picture: Lil Nas X/Getty)

Lil Nas Xs Old Town Road never gets old and now theres another remix with yodelling boy to boot.

On Thursday night, a third remix of Old Town Road was released, this time featuring Young Thug and 11-year old Mason Ramsey, who went viral after singing Lovesick Blue at a Kentucky Walmart.

The newest version follows remixes by Billy Ray Cyrus and Diplo and in it Mason says: Hop up in my RZR, got a thousand acres/ Ride up on the cows with it, pray that it dont faze her/ Aye-o, aye-o, yippee-o ki-yay/ If you aint got no giddy up then giddy out my way.

Mason Ramsey shot to fame after a video of him yodelling in Walmart went viral. (Picture: Erika Goldring/Getty)
Mason Ramsey shot to fame after a video of him yodelling in Walmart went viral. (Picture: Erika Goldring/Getty)

The official video also features a cute animated version of Mason in a small beige cowboy hat.



Lil Nas Xs single has been the anthem of 2019. It went triple platinum and topped the Hot 100 chart for a whopping 14 weeks – something only 10 singles have ever done in the charts 61-years existence.

Lil Nas X tweeting the snake associated with Young Thug
Lil Nas X posted a cowboy hat emoji alongside a snake one. (Picture: Lil Nas X/Twitter)

Rumours of a fourth version of Old Town Road had been bouncing around for a while after Young Thug posted an Instagram video of his part of the remix back in April. Shortly after Lil Nas X tweeted an image of the cowboy hat emoji next to the snake one that Thug has long been associated with.

Is it too late!? Lil Nas X tweeted.

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Lil Nas X spoke about Thugs influence on his music earlier this year.

With country trap, I in no way want to take credit for that. I believe Young Thug would be one of the biggest pioneers in that, he told Time magazine.

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