Home and Away spoilers: Ben gets violent and destroys property

Ben has had turbulent moods lately (Picture: Channel 5)

Ben (Rohan Nichol) has been struggling with erratic behaviour ever since being framed for an international drug trafficking crime, which has left him without his business and facing potential jail time. Struggling to know how to help, Maggie (Kestie Morassi) has been at a loss and confided in Alf (Ray Meagher) and John (Shane Withington) when theyve asked how hes holding up.

When Ben abandons his tools, Maggie, John and Alf worry about where he is. John sees him walking along the beach, and asks if hes OK. Ben says he wants time alone, and rejects his offer of talking about it.

John goes to the Farm House to tell Maggie hes spoken to Ben, and she says that he seems incredibly down – more than usual. While shes spoken to Alf, who has advised letting him work through it in his own time, it doesnt seem to be working.



When Ben drops off the bait shop key to Alf, he offers to buy him a drink and have a talk. But Ben is now suspecting Maggie has been talking to both him and John, and shuts down the offer. He arrives at home furious, asking Maggie why shes telling people private family business.

Maggie and Ziggy
Maggie and Ziggy dont know how to handle Ben (Picture: Channel 5)

After his explosion, he apologises for his behaviour, and says he will try to improve himself by doing some meaningful work. Maggie asks what that might be, and he says hell build Ziggys (Sophie Dillman) new surfboard.

On the beach, Ziggy is overjoyed when Ben gives her the new board and runs to try it out. But a short while later, Ben is carrying it back up the beach, angry. Ziggy is trying to calm him down, but hes convinced the board is a total dud. He says the shape is wrong and its an embarrassment.

Ignoring Ziggys insistence that she loves it, Ben loses it and throws the board into the air, narrowly avoiding her as she ducks for cover. He starts smashing the board against a fence, only stopping when John runs out and yells at him to stop. Ben walks away, with a shaken Ziggy left behind. John tells Maggie about the situation, saying Ben was completely lost in his rage – something is seriously wrong wRead More – Source

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