International collaborations key to be globally competitive: Union minister Harsh Vardhan

KOLKATA: Union minister Harsh Vardhan on Tuesday said India needs to foster international collaborations to be globally competitive in the field of science and technology.
He also said there is a need for solution-based scientific approach to address societal and developmental challenges.
"We believe that to be globally competitive, the country needs to effectively leverage international collaborations… the ministries of science and technology and earth sciences are actively cooperating with 44 countries to achieve high quality and high impact research partnerships," the minister said.
Harsh Vardhan, the Union science and technology minister, said the country's research and development and academic institutions need to be connected on a global level to incorporate the best practices.
The minister was addressing the 'Overseas Ministers and Diplomat Conclave' at the Indian International Science Festival 2019.
"We have to motivate young people to take up scientific research as a carrier choice, and this is a challenge not only for us but many countries.
"We need to connect the discovery science to solution science by taking the research out of the laboratories to the people, society and the market. This is the need of the hour," he said.
Any country's global competitiveness is determined by the extent to which science and technology contributes to social services and economic wealth, he said, adding, the scientific community must recognise that society and citizens are important stakeholders.
"Each and every problem that the planet is facing can be solved with the help of science," he said.
Describing Kolkata as a "science city" of the country, the minister said the eastern metropolis is known for its scientific institutions, and has given India the greatest of scientists like Nobel laureate CV Raman.
Vardhan said that science is universal and not bound by geo-political boundaries of nations.
"Science and technology are essential pre-requisites for the progress of any nation… The present government believes that these are the bedrock upon which the country relies for its knowledge power," the minister said.
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