6 Simple Exercises You Can Do While Cooking Dinner

Don’t burn the turkey—burn calories with these towel-based fat-melting moves.

The holidays can be a crazy-hectic time. With so many items on your to-do list, it’s hard to know where to start. And one thing that often falls by the wayside: your workout. Which is why we tapped Astrid Swan—the trainer behind Hollywood A-listers like Shay Mitchell, Olivia Munn and Julianne Hough—for a no-fuss routine (you only need a towel!) that will crush major calories, tone you all over, and pump that heart rate all the way up, all while your holiday dinner is cooking.

“This workout plan is so simple because you don’t need to go to the gym, so there are no excuses,” explains Swan who wants to stress how fun it can be trying to sneak this fat-burning circuit in between mashing potatoes, cooking the turkey, or prepping whatever else you have on the menu. “Plus, you’ll feel better after you get in a little sweat, and it’s not going to make you drenched, so you won’t ruin that blowout either.” Talk about a win-win!

Do each exercise for 50 seconds, followed by a quickie 10-second rest; complete 4 rounds. And then admire how good your body—and that seven-course meal on your table—looks!

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Overhead Squat With Knee Twist

Stand with feet hip-width apart and hold towel taut above head. Squat down, keeping chest up and knees behind toes. Push into heels to stand as you lift left knee and twist torso towards left knee. Return to start. Squat down again, and then rise to standing, repeating knee lift and twisting motion on the right. Continue alternating.

Jump Lunges With Towel Twist

Stand with feet together, hold towel taut between hands, and extend arms straight out. Jump left foot forward, lowering down into a lunge with both legs at 90 degrees. Twist torso to the left, lowering arms down on a diagonal over left thigh. Jump up, switching legs in the air and landing in a lunge with right leg forward; twist torso to the right, lowering arms down on a diagonal over right thigh. Continue alternating.

Pendulum Abs

Lie faceup; hold towel taut between hands and extend arms and legs straight up. Crunch up; lower legs down to the left as you twist torso and arms to the right. Return to center, and then lower legs to the right as you twist torso and arms to the left. Continue alternating.

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Push-up to Pike

Start in a high plank with abs tight and a towel under feet. Complete one push-up, and then pull feet in towards stomach as you raise hips up to come into a pike. Push feet back out to return to high plank and then repeat entire sequence.

Lateral Lunge Slide

Stand tall with a towel under right foot. Slide right foot out to right side, bending left knee to come into a lateral lunge, as you extend arms straight out. Slowly slide foot back in to rise to standing and bring arms back down to sides; repeat on left side.

Sliding Mountain Climbers

Start on all fours with a dish towel under each foot; lift knees off ground and brace core. Slide left foot in, brining left knee in towards chest. As you slide left foot back, slide right foot in, to bring right knee in towards chest. Continue alternating legs as you step left hand out to the left, followed by the right. Continue motion, moving sideways across the floor. Repeat in opposite direction.

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