Coronation Street 2018 spoiler preview: Phelan caught, David rape horror, three shock exits

Huge Corrie 2018 preview: Phelan caught, David rape horror, three shock exits
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It’s shaping up to be a massive year for Coronation Street with a number of major storylines kicking off in big style while other more long running sagas reach explosive climaxes. With six weekly episodes now the norm, there is plenty of time to cram in all manner of disaster, dismay, romance, scandal, humour, twists and tragedy.

With the soap recently unveiling a teaser-tastic trailer which highlights some of the key moments of coming weeks, there is a lot to be excited for. Can’t get enough of Phelan? Enjoy him while you can! Kate and Rana shipper? There’s a big twist to come! Adore the Platts? Keep an eye on big plots for Bethany and David.

Here is just some of what you can expect…

Phelan caught at last?

Gary threatens Phelan in Coronation Street
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Fans are hungry for a downfall for Phelan and it certainly seems like he will have a lot of plates to keep spinning as more and more people start to see his true colours. With Seb becoming the next one to see his true colours, Phelan is forced to take drastic action again to keep his head above the water.

But with the promises persisting that Phelan will get his just desserts, this may be the year which sees his luck finally run out. And as the trailer hints that the police will soon be on the case, will justice be served?

Adam takes revenge

Adam advises Billy in Coronation Street
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Adam is determined to get justice for his mum Susan and this means making Billy pay. As Billy continues to recover from his injuries, Adam will work with Geraldine to ensure that Billy loses Summer for good, which leads to a painful goodbye.

But is hope really all lost for the damaged vicar?

Bethany’s big decision

Bethany fights to be a lapdancer in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

Bethany and Craig’s relationship will continue to develop but she is hiding a big secret from her new boyfriend – she is working as a lapdancer on the quiet in order to seize back some of her control over her own body and men.

As Craig struggles with his discovery is Bethany making the right choice or is she at serious risk? And when her family then discover the truth, will they see her point of view?

David’s horror ordeal

David will be involved in a shocking storyline
(Picture: ITV)

A new friendship for David is set to have devastating results when he wakes up and realises after a night out that his so called friend has had sex with him without consent. As David struggles in the wake of his rape ordeal, will he speak out?

Or will he feel ashamed and keep his terrible burden hidden?

Eva and Aidan make their exit

Eva learns that she is pregnant in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

Eva and Aidan are both set for dramatic exits in the summer although details remain sparse over how they will be written out. At the moment, the pair are apart with Eva toying with the idea of a relationship with Adam and she is also set to discover that she is pregnant. Eva will confide in Toyah that she feels nothing at the thought of becoming a mum.

But could Eva and Aidan end up reuniting and heading off into the sunset together? Or are there big twists in store?

Kate and Rana together or apart?


This is a relationship that has developed a massive following practically overnight and Corrie will be seeing it through – however, there are set to be big obstacles in the paths of the two women, not least of all totally innocent party Zeedan.

And as they agonise over how to tell Zeedan the truth, another surprise twist looks set to play out as Rana struggles with the idea of coming out.

Carla collapses

Carla collapses in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

At the moment, it’s only Roy who knows about Carla’s illness but as she struggles in silence, can Roy help her to hold things together? And when Carla then collapses and is rushed to hospital for her emergency procedure, will she come through this?

Anna bows out

Anna exits Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

Anna’s life has been turned upside down by evil Phelan and the final chapter of her story is set to play out at the start of 2018. As Phelan continues to desperately ensure she goes down, her trial arrives and getting to Eileen is her only chance of winning her liberty.

Perhaps Anna will be the one to topple Phelan and will head out of Weatherfield with her head held high?

Daniel has a fling

Daniel shakes hands with Robert as Carla watches in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

Daniel is set to embark on a surprise romance that may well make him forget all about Sinead – and all of the whisperings are suggesting that it could be Carla Connor who catches his eye. But as lust explodes, what do the pair want with each other?

And will someone wind up hurt?

All over for Chesney and Sinead?

Chesney gets a wedding surprise in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

Chesney and Sinead face a make or break scenario as their wedding day arrives. With Sinead harbouring serious doubts due to Chesney’s recent actions and her own confused feelings for Daniel, the day may be doomed to disaster.

Will they become man and wife? And who is it who is bursting in during the trailer? Is Daniel calling a halt to proceedings?

You can vote all things Coronation Street at the NTAs by heading to the website.

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