Coronation Street 2018 spoilers: Phelan frames Seb Franklin for murder?

Killer Phelan lines Seb up as his next Corrie victim in the new year
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If there’s one thing that sinister Pat Phelan has a gift for, it’s framing innocent people for crimes that they didn’t commit in Coronation Street. Anna Windass knows this to her own cost as she is currently sitting in prison awaiting trial as Phelan engineered it to look like she had tried to kill Seb Franklin.

Phelan has blood on his hands, having orchestrated the deaths of Andy Carver and Vinny Ashford and the murder weapon is currently burning a hole in his safe at the builder’s yard – but he has a cunning plan.

Seb is at an all time low without Faye Windass, who refuses to have anything to do with him while he believes Phelan over Anna.

Will Seb take down Phelan in Coronation Street?
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When Seb is then thrown out by Phelan, Faye offers him a bed to sleep in on the condition that he changes his statement about Anna and he is furious, refusing to be blackmailed.

As he tells Faye that Gary can stuff his job too, he goes crawling back to Phelan and apologises, vowing never to let him down again.


Crafty Phelan agrees to forgive and offers Seb a drink. After he gets the lad drunk on whisky, Phelan shows him the gun and Seb picks it up and admires it, not sparing a thought for the fact that his fingerprints are now all over it.

As Phelan is smug, he knows that he now has a fall guy for if the weapon ever gets into the hands of the police. And when he later attacks Luke Britton when he realises that Phelan is behind the disappearance of Andy Carver, he could end up with more blood on his hands.

Eileen suspects Phelan in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

As Luke escapes in his car, Phelan gives chase in his van but will he catch Luke and finish him off? Or will Luke expose the truth only for Seb to end up in the frame?

One to watch: Thursday 4th January at 8:30pm on ITV.

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