Coronation Street 2018 spoilers: Rob Mallard reveals dark Daniel Osborne revenge scenes

Rob Mallard reveals dark Daniel revenge scenes
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Rob Mallard’s complex incarnation of Coronation Street’s Daniel Osbourne has won him legions of fans, critical acclaim and a fair few awards too – and we are glad to report that he will be at the centre of big drama this New Year as his war with Chesney Brown explodes and allows him to fully explore his dark side again.

Ever since Daniel attacked Ken Barlow and almost killed him, he has tried to put things right but the more conniving side to his personality is never far away when he is crossed. So with Chesney having framed Daniel for attacking him in the ginnel, Daniel sets out to get his own back.

Rob told ‘I knew that they were going to look at what it was like for someone who had brought themselves up. Daniel has different sides and it’s always a front with everyone so from the start, I thought that it could get dark, because of the whole web of lies.

‘I didn’t know I’d be punching as many walls and burning my hands in bathtubs but in general, I have known that there is this darker side to Daniel.’


Speaking about the storyline specifically, he went on: ‘Chesney isn’t playing a fair fight and he has taken Daniel aback a bit. Perhaps Daniel has underestimated him but Chesney doing what he does allows Daniel to up the ante. Which he does.

‘They’re not in each other’s lives but they do bang up against each other every now and again and Daniel doesn’t know what’s going on in that house or what’s happening to Chesney. So, when Tyrone sees the damage of Daniel hitting back twice as hard, which affects Chesney a lot, he steps in.

‘Tyrone says he understands that they’re two guys fighting it out but really explains the impact on Chesney and also points out, which Daniel had never really considered until then, that the only other person he’s really going to be hurting is Joseph. Joseph is essentially Daniel, in this situation, the person who’s lost their mum. Tyrone basically makes Daniel see that he is creating another Daniel.’

Has Daniel attacked Chesney in Coronation Street?
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This leads to Daniel drawing a line under the feud and apologising to Chesney, finally accepting that he and Sinead are done. But as this then leads to Chesney being open with Sinead, will a wedding even go ahead?

Rob pondered: ‘They won’t miss a chance to put Katie in a dress and it will be such a Sinead dress won’t it? There’s got to be something. I’m not saying she’s going to get married or anything, but there’s definitely going to be a wedding I’m sure…’

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