Coronation Street spoilers: Dan Brocklebank reveals Billy’s future as a single parent after Todd exit

Corrie star reveals Billy's future as a single parent after Todd's exit
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Billy Mayhew has an uncertain future ahead of him. Following the departure of Todd Grimshaw, who speeds off with young Summer, he then faces a fight for his life over Christmas after a brutal run in with vengeful Peter Barlow leaves him in a coma.

And actor Daniel Brocklebank is thoughtful about how he will cope after his life ends up in turmoil. Can he still bring stability to Summer’s life if she returns – and can he ever move past his tortured secret that he was involved in the death of Peter’s sister Susan and be a successful single parent to Summer?

The actor told us: ‘Because of his job, he does have a very strict moral code. And of course, his job is all about forgiveness, whereas he can’t forgive himself for the things that he’s done in the past, which is an interesting conflict to have. If you then throw Summer into the mix, primarily he’s now a parent, so of course his angle of parenting is to do it from a truthful place and he feels he’s a better parent if he tells the truth.

Peter tries to kill Billy in Coronation Street
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‘He believes things will be as they will be, and if there are consequences of telling the truth, then that’s the big man going: “Well there you go, there’s your comeuppance for what you did after thus far getting away with it.'”

Daniel is hopeful that after the dust settles on Billy’s war with the Barlows that he can then successfully adopt Summer.

He explained: ‘I think it’s incredibly important. When I first found out we were going down the LGBT adoption and fostering route, I was thrilled because I think it’s not something a lot of people in the UK know is even possible. I was thrilled and honoured to be part of the first LGBT family that they’ve had on the Street and I do hope we continue with that.’

Asked how he will cope as a single parent without Todd, Dan replied: ‘On vicar’s wages? I think it’s going to be quite tough! Kids require as much family around them as possible.


‘Also, within the LGBT community, from my own personal experience, your friends become your family as well, so it’s not just necessarily about parents or blood relatives, it’s about the extended circle that you’ve got. Billy’s best mate is Eva, which is great because she’s hilarious and then you’ve got Eileen so there are extended branches there to help out.’

However, first Billy has to come round in hospital – and get through the anger of the entire Barlow clan! And another person who will prove to be a continued thorn in Billy’s side is Summer’s bigoted grandma, Geraldine.

Dan revealed: ‘She’s much softer in real life, she’s lovely. Again I think it’s an interesting dynamic to throw into the mix, this old-school religious person that absolutely adheres to the fact that their interpretation of the Bible is inherently homophobic, of which there are many people that still do hold those beliefs.’

It sounds like 2018 is going to start off with nothing but misery and angst for Billy.

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