Coronation Street: The highs and lows of Carla Connor as she returns

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The highs and lows of Corrie's Carla Connor
She’s back! Aidan calls on Carla to help save the factory. (Picture: ITV)

We thought we’d seen the last of Carla Connor when she left Weatherfield last year for a new life in Devon. But this week the original queen of knicker factory Underworld is back!

To celebrate Carla’s return, we’ve charted the highs and lows of her original decade in Weatherfield. Like the Destiny’s Child song goes, Carla is a true survivor, having been married four times, held hostage at Underworld, framed for arson, suspected of murder, become an alcoholic and gambling addict, been attacked by thugs, had affairs with other women’s husbands, been the cause of a big car crash…and a whole lot more.

Carla gets the party started (December 2006)


Wahey! Carla Connor, armed with two bottles of champagne, makes her entrance during Christmas celebrations at Underworld. The factory staff are surprised to discover she is new boss Paul’s wife.

Beware of terrible Tony! (June 2007)


After Paul’s death in a car crash, Carla begins dating businessman Tony Gordon. But the Scottish charmer has a scary side…

Hands off my man! (Feb 2008)


Maria Sutherland discovers Carla has been having an affair with her fiance, Liam Connor. Even on Maria and Liam’s wedding day, Carla continues to make a play for the groom, until Maria stops her in her tracks with a classic soap slap!
‘Move on Carla,’ warns Maria. ‘Have a bit of dignity for once in your life.’

Hostage horror at Underworld (June 2010)


Having already arranged the murder of Carla’s lover, Liam and tried to drown Roy Cropper in the canal, terrifying Tony escapes from prison and holds Carla hostage at Underworld. She goes a bit Lara Croft in Tomb Raider and shoots him!

Carla is attacked by Frank Foster (September 2011)


Carla picks another bad ‘un when she starts a relationship with Frank Foster, the new co-owner of Underworld. Frank has a dark, violent side and rapes Carla but justice is served when Frank is later found murdered at the factory by his own mum Anne Foster.

Carla and Peter Barlow’s affair is exposed (February 2012)


History repeats itself when alcoholics Carla and Peter Barlow start an affair. Peter’s wife Leanne discovers the truth and sends Peter packing.

Carla’s brother Rob Donovan arrives (July 2012)

The highs and lows of Corrie's Carla Connor
(Picture: ITV)

Carla’s brother Rob is released from prison and comes to live in Weatherfield. He falls for Tracy and the pair are soon up to all kinds of dodgy doings!

Carla and Peter get married (December 2013)


Carla and Peter get married. But little does Carla know, Peter has been having an affair with Rovers barmaid, Tina McIntyre.

Who murdered Tina? (May 2014)


Tina falls off a balcony to her doom soon after a confrontation with Carla over the affair. However, Tina’s real murderer is later revealed to be Carla’s brother, Rob Donovan. He confesses all to Carla and later goes on the run from the police.

Will Carla jump off a cliff? (May 2015)


Carla is trapped in a fire at Victoria Court, started by her arch-enemy Tracy Barlow. The fire kills local residents Kal Nazir and Maddie Heath. Thinking she is to blame, Carla considers suicide at the edge of a cliff. But Tracy admits the truth at the last moment!

Carla discovers Johnny Connor is her dad! (Jan 2016)


Carla is thrilled when Connor family relatives arrive in Weatherfield to help run Underworld. But she’s in for a shock when Johnny turns out to be her birth dad!

Will Carla survive a shock showdown with thieves? (Jan 2016)


Don’t mess with Carla and her designer handbag! When thieves target the Bistro, Carla gives chase when they snatch her handbag. But in the chaos, Carla gets thrown from a moving van and ends up in hospital.

Tracy wrecks Carla and Nick’s wedding day! (May 2016)


Tracy tries to sabotage Carla and Nick Tilsley’s wedding day with the revelation Carla had a drunken one-night stand with new Bistro chef Robert Preston. Nick eventually walks out on Carla.

Carla considers killing Tracy! (May 2016)


With her life in ruins, Carla tries to run over Tracy. But instead she causes a massive car crash involving Fiz Stape and Tyrone Dobbs whose van smashes into the Platt house!

Goodbye, Carla? (26 May 2016)


After almost a decade in Weatherfield, Carla decides it is time to leave the Street for good. During her emotional final goodbyes, she even appears to end her feud with Tracy. Well, at least for now!

One to watch: Don’t miss Carla’s return on Friday 22nd December at 7:30pm on ITV

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