Death stunt, Ryan exit and Milo twists: 11 huge Hollyoaks spoilers for 2018

Death stunt, Ryan exit and Milo twists: 11 huge Hollyoaks spoilers for 2018
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Hollyoaks has had one heck of a year from the reveal that Ryan Knight killed Amy Barnes through to issue led storylines with huge impacts such as Lily Drinkwell’s self harming, Scott Drinkwell’s depression and the culmination of the sexual consent storyline.

2018 looks to continue in an equally successful manner, combining high octane stunts and sensational storylines with hard hitting and sensitive plotlines. As the new year kicks off with a car crash carnage in the tunnel, it will trigger a huge strand for the Maalik family which will prompt conversation among fans.

Elsewhere, the bonkers Milo Entwistle storyline continues, Luke Morgan comes face to face with his ex wife and there are returns ahead for Mercedes and Honey McQueen.

Here’s a closer look at what lies ahead.

Ryan exposed!

Ryan comes clean in Hollyoaks
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It was a story that dominated much of 2017 but fans can expect to see a nailbiting climax play out this year, with the confirmation that Duncan James will be bowing out as killer Ryan. While everyone currently believes Harry is to blame, a chain of events will expose the truth.

But that’s not to say that Ryan isn’t capable of claiming another victim first…

Tunnel of torment

A car crash rocks the tunnel in Hollyoaks
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Two families are rocked to the core when they are involved in a crash while driving through a tunnel. Misbah loses control of her car and ends up in a collision involving the Hutchinsons. And when a lorry hurtles towards the carnage, Misbah faces an agonising choice over which child to rescue.

Will everyone survive?

Misbah’s agony

The Maalik family have a dark story ahead in Hollyoaks
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Directly out of the consequences of the crash, Misbah will be left in a terrible situation as Imran hits self destruct and lashes out at his own mother violently. As Misbah pledges to keep the growing abuse a secret from her other children, can she keep a handle on Imran’s behaviour or will it get worse?

Milo makes amends

Milo has some explaining to do in Hollyoaks
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Milo is a killer with a conscience and after the death of Armstrong, he can’t see through the fact that he has caused another death even though Armstrong was targeting Cindy. As Milo attempts to reach out to Armstrong’s relatives to make up for it, will he end up incriminating himself?

And will this be the year that the Cunninghams finally realise the truth about Milo’s past?

Luke’s past explodes

Luke meets his son Oliver in Hollyoaks
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Luke’s wedding to Mandy approaches but he is still hiding the pretty awkward secret that not only is he already married but he also has a teenage son! With his wife Scarlett (played by Susie Amy) and son Oliver tipped to turn up, will the big day be thrown into chaos?

And is Luke about to become a bigamist?

Can Sienna recover?

Sienna struggles in Hollyoaks
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As ever, the end of the year was a notably tough time for Sienna and without Joel, she may well have been tipped over the edge. As she has to confront her own mortality, can she find the strength to battle her cancer with Sophie still missing?

Sienna’s fight for survival looks set to overwhelm her and it remains to be seen whether this is a fight she can win…

The McQueens come home

Mercedes and Honey come home to Hollyoaks
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Hollyoaks are lining up returns for Goldie and Mercedes as actresses Chelsee Healey and Jennifer Metcalfe get set to return from their maternity leaves. But how will Goldie react when she learns that Shane is back in the lives or her boys and has Mercedes found her way out of the big trouble she was in?

Prince and Lily over?

Prince proposes to Lily in Hollyoaks spoiler
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Prince has made the mistake of sleeping with Peri and it is set to have huge consequences for him – when Lily discovers that he has been with someone else, will this be the last straw for the already fragile relationship?

And will a big bombshell from Peri prompt Prince to make a big decision?

Darcy gets worse

Darcy is scheming again in Hollyoaks
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Darcy kicks off the New Year eyeing up the trust fund belonging to Tom and that is bound to set the tone for her whole year. Darcy will be at her scheming worst but might this be the year that she faces an almighty downfall for all of her actions?

Darcy is clever and conniving but her luck has to run out sometime…

Sami exposes the truth?

Sami and Ellie get closer in Hollyoaks
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Sami is torn between his love for Ellie and his hatred for her brother James. As he continues to plot a revenge on James, he stumbles upon the information that Ellie was the one who pushed Mac out of the window. But what will he do with this?

And does his thirst for hurting James outweigh his feelings for Ellie?

Shane is back to cause mayhem

Will Shane get revenge on Joel and Cleo in Hollyoaks?
(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Shane isn’t as dead as we were led to believe and his comeback is set to stir up all kinds of trouble – should Cleo, Joel and Darren be very afraid for their futures with the villain back in town? Prince and Hunter have very different reactions to having their dad back but there’s another character in the village that he is set to get involved with.

Things are about to get very shady…

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