DMAs have some thoughts about Liam Gallagher endorsement and UK success: Were f*cking huge, man

Mel EvansWednesday 2 May 2018 5:19 pm

DMAs have some thoughts about Liam Gallagher endorsement and UK success
The boys have got a fan in Liam (Picture: DMAs/Facebook)

An Aussie band by the name of DMAs is about to blow up big, after copping another glowing recommendation from one and only Liam Gallagher.

However, guitarist Johnny Took has told us the three-piece has kept their cool about the whole thing, in true Australian, chilled AF style.

To be honest, hes just chuffed the band no longer has to drive themselves to their own gigs.

You sleep on the bus and you can wake up at the next venue, he told ahead of their packed out London gig this week. The last four years when we had a van, you had to drive in the day. So its actually a lot easier.

DMAs have some thoughts about Liam Gallagher endorsement and UK success
Liam is a tough critic wed imagine, too (Picture: Shutterstock)

Were like massive now, bro. Were fucking huge. Im just having a laugh…


The Sydney trio – made up of Thomas ODell out front, Matthew Mason on guitar and Johnny on acoustic guitar – burst into the scene down under with 2014s hit Delete before 2016s Hills End and track Lay Down saw them push it even further – with many immediately drawing Oasis comparisons.

Noel Gallagher might have said hed boo the group from side of stage, however on the release of their second album, For Now, which dropped last Friday, Liam Gallagher has already given it his seal of approval.

Which meant a lot to the lads, even though they still liked to joke about their growing success in the UK.

Johnny added, on the subject, however: The worlds good, on a serious note. Liam giving us the thumbs up is really cool.

Just heard the new DMA'S record 1 world BIBLICAL as you were LG x

— Liam Gallagher (@liamgallagher) April 19, 2018

Its cool how theyve welcomed us over here. Especially because of the influences we have and what not, and for people to be into the tunes is pretty special.

The musician chatted about the bands love of football and how feverish the fans get up north – they have a knack for coming together and that kind of shit – but he got super passionate about the effort that went into making their latest album.

Now we can show another side of the DMAS, he said. The majority of Hills End was done in my bedroom. The amp was in the same room as us and youd hope it sounded cool and send it off to get mixed.

For Now saw the guys step up the production, though, as they added more beat production and synth sounds.

We recorded it live on tape, which is where a lot of the warmth comes from, he added. Theres a lot of depth to it that were happy with. Its not better or worse, just different.


But in true Aussie spirit he admitted they didnt feel the heat when they stepped into the studio following the success of Hills End.

Were pretty chilled, Johnny said, in a very laid back way. Were stoked with how things are going, the way the band has grown has felt organic and natural.

Thats another thing I feel…the way we came to in Australia, we didnt play any gigs and got on [youth radio station] Triple J and our first gig was “a thing”.

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Where over in the UK we did the complete opposite: we went to Milton Keynes and Stockton, places weve never heard of, and kept going back and touring hard, and know the British crowds appreciate that – that you made the effort to get to their town.

For Now is out now while tickets for the bands UK tour can be found here.

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