Double exit, death and gun shocker: 20 Christmas and New Year spoilers for EastEnders

Double exit, death and gun shocker: 20 Christmas and New Year spoilers for EastEnders
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The EastEnders episodes are set to be a highlight of this Christmas with blockbuster storylines, huge twists, massive showdowns and a life changing aftermath for the Branning family. With the big storylines just around the corner, we have pulled together all of the spoilers you need to know for a very grim, dark and shocking Yuletide in Walford.

With Lauren and Abi making their big exits, Max facing his worst downfall, Willmott-Brown facing the music and Aidan’s big plan going awry, there’s a lot to look forward to – and that’s not all either. There’s a Christmas miracle, wedding vows, a new family, a violent altercation and even a member of S Club 7 rocking up.

So reach for the…spoilers. Grab a mince pie, a mulled wine and feast your eyes on what there is to look forward to.

20 EastEnders Christmas spoilers

  • Stacey tries to support Max but when his behaviour oversteps the mark, she lashes out.
  • Aidan leaves the gift of a gun in the Vic after Mick pulls out of the job.
  • Karen finds the phones that Riley and Chatham have stashed and ensures Keegan returns Stacey’s back to her.
  • Linda and Mick invite their loved ones as they renew their vows in a ceremony but will it all go to plan?
  • Fi wants answers about the past from Kathy but she doesn’t want to think about it.
  • Mick is thrown into a panic and realises that he should never have crossed Aidan when he phones the police about the hidden gun.
  • Karen plays the angel in the local play but will she create a festive atmosphere or mess it all up?
  • Huge truths are uncovered as Jane’s voicemail is finally played and the net closes in on Max.
Max, Lauren and Abi destroyed in EastEnders Christmas
(Picture: BBC)
  • Christmas Day brings a huge catastrophe for the Brannings and the entire family is torn apart in a huge way.
  • Willmott-Brown corners Kathy and tries to manipulate her but she turns the tables on him.
  • It’s the end of the line as Lauren and Abi make dramatic exits – but how will they go?
  • Karen reaches out to her sister Kandice for help and despite them clashing, there is a Christmas miracle ahead.
  • Fi discovers how much deceit lies at the heart of her family and she sets out to put everything right, bringing down Weyland & Co at long last.
  • Mick makes a huge decision and returns to Aidan’s job but Shirley tries to intervene and stop him, much to Aidan’s fury.
  • Kush and Denise look ahead to 2018 but Kush worries about telling her that Carmel and Shakil are moving in.
  • The criminal job gets out of control and things go spectacularly wrong at New Year.
  • Masood brings his aunt and uncle Mariam and Arshad to live in Walford but they struggle to adjust to their new home.
  • Joyce and Ted decide to make charitable donations to those in need but will their efforts be appreciated?
  • Linda and Shirley dread what they will find when they rush to the scene of the job – has something terrible happened to Mick?
  • Kathy hosts a tea party for the girls in the cafe and the friends all bond as they look ahead to the new year.

Christmas Eve: 8pm

Stacey turns on Max in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Stacey tries her best to support Max as his life lies in tatters but Martin is less than pleased to have him around. When Max then oversteps the mark, Stacey lashes out with fury and slaps her. Lauren and Abi meanwhile go their separate ways for Christmas, leaving Max alone.

Mick gets on Aidan’s bad side and is sent a sinister gift when he tells Phil that he no longer plans to be involved with the plan and Kathy tells Fi that she doesn’t want to revisit the past when she hassles her for answers. Elsewhere, Karen ensures that Stacey gets her mobile phone back after discovering Riley and Chatham’s stash.

Later, Karen gets her big moment to shine when she takes part in the nativity as the angel.

Christmas Day: 9pm

Abi and Lauren exit EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Hour long episode.

Abi agrees to join Max for Christmas and he sets about trying to right his wrongs. Jane Beale’s voicemail is finally heard and the full truth about Max is revealed, leading to a catastrophic event which tears apart the Brannings.

On the day of his and Linda’s vow renewal, Mick faces a race against time to find the gun that Aidan has stashed and he realises that he should never have messed with him.

Boxing Day 7:30pm

Max’s sins have devastating repercussions as his family lies in tatters following a terrible event. Life will never be the same again as the drama of Christmas Day continues – but the consequences spread far wider than the Branning family.

Thursday 28th December: 8pm

Willmott Brown visits Kathy in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Willmott-Brown corners Kathy in the cafe in order to try and manipulate her once more but she takes control of the situation. Meanwhile, Fi’s fears about her dad grow and when she breaks into the office, she makes a startling discovery.

Karen reaches out to her sister Kandice after the bailiffs threaten court action but it doesn’t go well and Linda prepares a goodbye party for the Vic but Mick can see how much it is paining her.

Thursday 28th December: 9:30pm

Aidan takes action against Mick in EastEnders
(Picture: ITV)

Mick is tempted to take Aidan up on the job offer while Linda remains hell bent on finding another local pub they can run. Fi realises the extent of Willmott-Brown’s lies and prepares to set things right once and for all.

The Taylors get a Christmas miracle thanks to Kandice.

Friday 29th December: 9pm

Denise doesn't react well in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

The New Year’s Eve party is in full swing at the Vic while Aidan puts the final stages of the plan into action. Mick is faced with a dilemma but will he make a terrible decision? There could be deadly consequences as he tells Aidan that he will get involved after all.

Kush dreads telling Denise that he has invited Carmel and Shakil to stay with them in the New year while the Taylors invite the Murrays to join them in the Vic to see in 2018.

New Year’s Day: 8pm

Aidan, Mick and Phil make plans in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Hour long episode.

The men gather to undertake the job but Shirley takes drastic action to stop Mick from being a part of it while both Sharon and Bernadette have suspicions over what Phil and Keanu are up to. Aidan clutches a gun as things start to go wrong while Kathy has an idea.

Mick makes his way to join the others but the arrival of Masood could de-rail the entire plan. As things start to go wrong, the position of the men are precarious and disaster unfolds. Meanwhile, Masood welcomes the Ahmeds to the community.

Tuesday 2nd January: 8pm

Double exit, death and gun shocker: 20 Christmas and New Year spoilers for EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Hour long episode.

Linda fears for the future after what Mick has involved himself in while Masood’s aunt and uncle try to settle into Walford but it doesn’t prove east to adjust. There are further consequences from Aidan’s job as those involved try to deal with the fallout.

Wednesday 3rd January: 8pm

Questions are asked and the pressure mounts for those involved in the job. Who will be regretting their involvement and is there any way out? Meanwhile, Ted and Joyce’s charitable efforts may not get the response they are hoping for.

Thursday 4th January: 7:30pm

Pressure increases on everyone involved with Aidan’s criminal job and cracks continue to grow. Elsewhere another resident of Walford gets a shock.

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