EastEnders spoilers: 13 puzzling questions answered from Jay’s dad confusion to where is Tanya Branning?

13 puzzling EastEnders questions answered including Tanya, Halfway, Luke and Jay
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It’s fair to say that it’s been a busy fortnight in EastEnders. With Max Branning and Stacey Fowler sleeping together, Tanya coming home, Lauren and Abi falling from the Vic, the heist, the arrival of Hannah Spearritt, the exits of the Willmott-Brown characters, Mick Carter being shot and the confusion over the money, we have been treated to a whole host of storylines to keep us occupied.

But have all of the questions been answered? Looking at some of the most pressing issues viewers have found, we try our best here to explain what is going on from the disappearing act of Tanya through to the whereabouts of Luke Browning.

What was Aidan’s plan all about?

Aidan's plan goes wrong in EastEnders
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Aidan recruited the men to steal money being transported by a gang working for his ex Ciara. She believes that it was a means of him getting her attention but as well as wanting the money and the thrill, he was also setting out to trap Vincent Hubbard – whose grassing led to Aidan’s brother being jailed and later taking his own life.

His true motives may still be revealed however – as we don’t know how much he can be trusted. Those men have yet to be paid and the money is now missing…

Who is Halfway?

The man who shoots Mick in EastEnders
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The lad who shot Mick and is now living and working for him is an old childhood friend of Lee’s who used to get him into trouble. It seems that Halfway got himself into a lot of mess and ended up in bad crowds so the Carters have taken him under their wing.

Did James Willmott-Brown die?

No – although he was certainly at death’s door. Fi abandoned him after he collapsed and his terminal illness started to consume him. We last saw him lying alone in his hospital bed with nothing and that was confirmed as his last scene. We are to assume, however, that he probably had little time left.

Where is Luke?


Last seen bundled into a van by heavies arranged by Phil Mitchell and Aidan Maguire, Luke Browning hasn’t been seen since. It is our understanding that we are to assume him ‘dealt with’ and it seems unlikely that we will see him again. However, with Ben’s exit still to play out, perhaps he may play a part in that?

Did Fi Browning leave?

Yes. While there was no real fanfare or confirmation on screen that Fi was heading away, she didn’t live around the Square anyway and nothing would keep her there. After righting as many wrongs as she could, the scene in the hospital was indeed Lisa Faulkner’s last. However, Lisa isn’t ruling out a future return.

Who is Jay’s dad?

Jay finds out about his dad in EastEnders
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This whole complexity was raised in the middle of last year when Phil spun a story about the homeless man who died in the car lot fire being Jay’s dad. It is what prompted Jay to sell up the car lot land to Weyland & Co and this had been the plan all along – Max had blackmailed Phil into it, warning him that he would expose him bribing the Lucy Beale trial jury if he didn’t comply. Both Max and Phil have now cleared this up for Jay so we can only assume that it’s all forgotten now and the late Jase was indeed Jay’s father.

Is Abi dead?

Not quite although there is no hope. Doctors have confirmed the character as braindead and want to switch off her machine but Max’s court order is stopping this from happening – at least until a second medical opinion is sought. However, Abi’s condition is not one she can recover from.

Hooray, Lauren survived! So is she not leaving anymore?

She is still leaving. Fans had assumed when she fell that Lauren’s exit would be death but unless another traumatic event is set to follow, it looks like there is some hope for her to come back one day. With Josh Hemmings still by her side, it seems she may eventually return to her original plan of moving away with him although time will tell.

Where the heck is Tanya?

Max and Tanya in Christmas episode of EastEnders
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Tanya came back and was an integral part of the Christmas Day episode – Simon Ashdown, the episode’s writer, felt that Tanya needed to be involved as Lauren and Abi left. Jo Joyner’s filming schedules were tight with both Shakespeare & Hathaway and Ackley Bridge dominating her time so she was only able to return for a small handful of episodes – with Jo and the girls filming night and early morning shoots to squeeze them in! That’s dedication! While it seems jarring for Tanya not to be at Abi’s side, the show is explaining it away with her coming back and forth (sometimes off screen as she refuses to be in the same room as Max, understandably!) but this does not necessarily mean that we have seen the last of Tanya in the story…

Hannah Spearritt – is that her stint done?

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Yes – although there is scope for a return. Kandice’s appearance was only meant to be brief and a way to bring a solution to Karen as well as developing the family connections more. However, the stint certainly went down well and when we chatted to Hannah, she certainly wasn’t ruling out a comeback.

Who is Ciara?

Ciara contacts Mel in EastEnders
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Ciara Maguire is the ex-wife of Aidan and they appear to be on opposite sides of the game at the moment, with Aidan’s heist targeting Ciara’s money – but could there still be a chemistry between them? She seems to be a big player in the local criminal underworld and she certainly made short work of the police, whom she sent packing from the scene of the crime with little effort.

She is pretty ruthless too as she had a mole in her midst swiftly (and we can only assume violently) dealt with. She then made a call to someone she invited back to her old stomping ground – Mel Owen perhaps?

Can the Carters get the Vic back?

Yes, they can – although it will take some more cash. Weyland & Co are no longer taking it over but the Carters would still need to stump up the value of it in order to make it theirs again – which is why getting the payoff from the job is so important.

Where is the money from the heist?

The coffin is opened in EastEnders
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This, we can’t answer – as we don’t want to spoil future storylines! Has Aidan double crossed the men? Has Billy made a huge mistake and had the real cash buried? Is Ciara involved? Only time will tell!

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