EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell exits but where is the money and will Ciara Maguire kill him?

Ben Mitchell exits EastEnders but where is the money and will Ciara kill him?
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Ben Mitchell’s mysterious EastEnders exit brought up more questions than it answered tonight as the departing character found that the money had been taken from him and replaced with a batch of newspapers. So who has it now and where has it gone – and what does Ciara Maguire plan to do with him as she catches him in her sights?

Mel Owen was on the trail of Ben as he headed for the port and, once he had boarded the ferry, she confronted him and urged him to hand over the money or he would be dead within a week of arriving in Calais.

When Ben refused and then branded Mel unhinged, she contacted Ciara to tell her that Ben was all hers when he arrived at the other side. Ben was taken aside by customs and feared the worst when his case was searched.

Mel and Ben argue on the ferry in EastEnders
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But all the officer found were newspapers, leading to Ben’s face dropping in horror. Someone has got to the money without him realising and replaced it – but who? And what have they done with it now?

As Ben discovered the envelope of cash he had got for flogging the jewellery was still his, he decided to make a new life abroad anyway but as he embraced Calais and turned his back on Walford for good, Ciara was watching menacingly from afar.

Ciara watches Ben leave EastEnders
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If she doesn’t have the money, does she think Ben is still in possession of it? And, if so, will she take drastic action to silence him and get the case?

Either way, the scenes mark Harry Reid’s last appearance in the show as Ben – but the mystery of the money and Mel’s mission remains.


The cash must be somewhere – but when will this game of cat and mouse end?

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