EastEnders spoilers: Mel Owen comes back with a dark edge and secrets

Mel Owen has a dark side and big secrets as she returns to EastEnders
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Returning EastEnders actress Tamzin Outhwaite has warned that Mel Owen has some big secrets and a darker edge when she arrives back in Walford as she has been hardened by what she has been through since leaving.

After the death of her husband Steve, a pregnant Mel left Albert Square behind. 15 years later and she is back, the mother to Steve’s son and on a mission that sees her connected to an ongoing and intricate storyline.

Discussing what her alter ego is like, Tamzin told when we sat down to chat with her: ‘It’s quite weird because I thought I’d forgotten what Mel was actually like. I watched all the key episodes on YouTube – and realised how much I really liked Mel. I remembered how funny and bolshy she is – she just tells it very straight.

Tamzin Outhwaite as Mel Owen in EastEnders spoiler
(Picture: BBC)

‘Coming back this time, the notes were that she is a lot more damaged and has been through an awful lot. When I first arrived, she was like the girl next door; she had little twists in her hair, wore a pink cardigan and worked in the pound shop. In three and a half years, what happened to her obviously affected her. Since she has been away, a lot more has happened and I am still learning about all of that – it’s all still to unfold. She’s older, wiser and probably a bit darker, cynical and maybe funnier.’

However, the darker edge leads Mel to make some questionable decisions and mistakes this time round. With a smile, Tamzin shared: ‘This time round, I don’t like a lot of what she is doing. I like the essence of her and the substance of her as a human being but there are decisions she is making that I don’t really like. She always chooses the wrong kind of men and I don’t think that will change – she will never be the person who settles. Her life is a constant struggle and I think she likes the battle.


‘There’s a very intricate jigsaw like story. She comes back for a particular reason and inevitably, it’s about her son. When she left EastEnders, Mel was pregnant with Steve Owen’s child. You didn’t know whether she was going to have it – but we now do know that she has a son and he is 15-years-old. He will be making an appearance quite soon.

‘She doesn’t want to be there at all – she is back for a reason and this is a place with so many ghosts. She can’t bear that idea. What you see is her trying to play the right game to get what she needs. You never know what she’s up to…’

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