EastEnders spoilers: The truth about Jay Mitchell’s dad revealed in brief scene

EastEnders revealed the truth about Jay's real dad in a very brief scene
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Remember that really dramatic but confusing two handed EastEnders episode which saw Phil Mitchell explain that his real dad was actually the homeless man killed in the Aches fire started by Phil? It took Jay ages to swallow it due to the convoluted explanation but then the episode ended with Phil seemingly having lied about the whole lot? No?

Since then, those who haven’t brushed it from their minds have been wondering when, if at all, EastEnders would address this unresolved mystery? Was Phil lying or telling the truth? Who was making him do it? How did he convince Bert to turn up and lie too? Who is Jay’s real father and how did it all fit in to a bigger plot?

Jay confronts Phil in EastEnders
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Whatever the big plan for this storyline initially was appears to be no more as the soap casually brushed it away in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene which saw Max Branning haphazardly claim responsibility for the lie and put it down to his blackmailing of Phil over bribing the jury.

We’re pretty sure that this was at least partly the original intention as it all fits but we can’t help wondering if there were other twists or at least a bigger reveal scene which will never now see the light of day.


Regardless, it seems to now be confirmed that this whole saga dreamt up by Phil and Max was indeed a complete lie and Jase was Jay’s dad after all. After coming clean about this, Max offered Jay back the car lot land but for now he has denied it.

Given now that he knows Phil didn’t kill his dad on this land, will Jay accept it? And can he and Phil now build bridges? Or will they just never speak of this again?

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