Emmerdale spoilers: Charity Dingle is arrested for taking a dump in Joe Tate’s house

Charity is arrested for taking a dump in Joe Tate's house in Emmerdale
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Of all of the headlines I thought I would write across my soap editor career, very little surprises me anymore. But yes, Charity Dingle is in trouble with the law in Emmerdale after ransacking Joseph Tate’s cottage and then relieving her bowels inside to leave a message for him. A pretty sh*t one at that.

Joe has incurred the Dingle wrath after breaking Debbie’s heart and evicting her from the cottage so she lashed back by trying to break in. Instead of stopping her, Charity joined her and they trashed the place, smashing everything that they could lay their hands on.

Joseph Tate is confronted by Debbie in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

The explosive reaction came when Debbie saw a To Let sign being erected outside and by the time Joe had arrived, Charity had altered the sign to say ‘Toilet’, confirming (as Cain so gracefully put it) that she had dropped her load inside.

The police were soon on the scene and Sarah Sugden watched with dismay as both women were carted off to face charges of criminal damage. Bailed, they’re hoping that nothing will come of it but with the anger having subsided, Debbie broke down in tears, distraught by what vengeful Joe had done.


And he isn’t finished with the Dingles yet as the family are still facing losing Wishing Well Cottage.

Can they fight back at him? And will Charity get away with turd-er?

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