Emmerdale spoilers: Debbie Dingle to destroy Joseph Tate’s revenge plan in new twist?

Debbie to destroy JosephTate's revenge plan in new Emmerdale twist?
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Joseph Tate is a man on a mission – to make Charity Dingle pay for the death of his father Chris all of those years ago. And if anyone else gets hurt in the process, so be it. But could Joe be hiding a weakness for Debbie that will be his undoing? Emmerdale star Ned Porteous is not ruling it out!

We first saw Joe posing as Tom Waterhouse, who swept Debbie off her feet and the pair entered a whirlwind romance, which led to them declaring their love for each other. But Joe’s aim has only ever been to use Debbie as a means of getting back at Charity.

However, there is no denying that there was definite chemistry between the pair. Could Debbie end up being a distraction from the revenge plan that could ultimately make it fail?


Ned told He definitely has feelings for Debbie, I believe that. I think there’s a lot of Debbie which Tom finds endearing, her drive, her determination and her thick skin. I think he admires Debbie strongly. Whether he loves her or whether it’s an admiration, there’s definitely something. He does care for her. If it were to get to a point where it would get her directly in harm, I’d like to think that he wouldn’t push it past that. I don’t think he’s a monster. I just think he’s been so set on his path for so long now maybe it gets a bit misconstrued, I think. I want to think he’s a good person and sees the good qualities in Debbie.

Joseph Tate is confronted by Debbie in Emmerdale
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In the time he’s been brooding over this revenge story there has been a significant amount of collateral damage and whether or not he realises he’s gone too far, that’s something that will come out later on and there’s an element of regret with what he’s doing. I think a lot of that is completely covered by his determination and drive to complete his goal.’

He added: ‘The entire time he was with Debbie in the lead up to her finding out, there was an element that she had as well, where the wall was up and there were very rare, few moments where he was completely himself. As you’ll know if you’re seeing someone, if you’re not really being yourself, you’re not letting your true feelings come out and manifest. Even if there were sparks of true feelings for her, I’m pretty sure he would’ve nipped them in the bud and stopped them from being a hindrance to his devious plan. So we will just have to wait and see!’

Cryptic indeed! Joe remains as much of an enigma as ever so fans will have to wait and see how deep his conscience lies.

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