Emmerdale spoilers: Ryan Hawley teases Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle reunion after Christmas decision

Emmerdale stars tease Robron reunion after Christmas Day decision
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There was one thing that all Emmerdale fans would have loved for Christmas – a reunion between Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle. But sadly, it just wasn’t to be – however, the couple have certainly made some significant steps and with the characters set to wed by summer next year, the clock is now counting down to that rekindling of love and passion that we are all waiting for.

In a Christmas Day episode with a difference, Robert repeatedly woke up in various different realities which spooked him but led him to make some realisations about his own behaviour and his future. With one of the scenarios being Aaron’s funeral, Robert was crushed to be faced with something so horrifying but as he was given plenty of food for thought, he was brought out of the coma he had fallen into.

Robert has a strange Emmerdale Christmas
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He had reached the decision that until he has changed his ways, he is not good for Aaron and it seemed like any hope for a relationship was on hold. But the episode proved what fans already know – these are two men who love each other and seemingly will never stop.

Actor Ryan Hawley admitted that there was some work to do before the reunion, telling ‘There’s a lot going on in 2018. We finished filming stuff two weeks ago that isn’t particularly Robert and Aaron related. There’s a way for Robert and Aaron to go before any kind of reconciliation.

‘It’s going to be quite nice for me and Danny to have these scenes to play out – there’s a lot for them to sort out. The longer it can play out, the more suspense you have.’

Robert has a strange experience in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

Danny Miller agreed, adding that there was a lot of anger still but confirming that the couple ‘will get there’.

He also made it clear that Aaron will always love Robert, adding: ‘I don’t think he’ll ever stop. If you go back to those scenes where they offloaded to each other and Aaron opened up to Robert about his dad and it allowed him to find a new chapter in his life. Regardless of what Robert does, Aaron will always love him.’


The Christmas episode may not have ended with Robron in each others’ arms but it has done a lot for Robert to come to terms with the events of the year and to ping the couple back onto one another’s radar somewhat.

Yeah, sorry Dr Alex – for now Robert and Aaron are content to move on but before we know it, we’ll have plenty more material to make loving GIFs out of. It’s amazing how fast things come around! So on that note – Merry Robron-mas!

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