Emmerdale spoilers: Sad ending for Adam Barton as Adam Thomas exits the soap

Emmerdale airs sad ending for Adam Barton as Adam Thomas exits
(Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale has aired the final scenes of Adam Thomas as Adam Barton and it was a heartbreaking affair as he faced a lonely new life abroad without Victoria, Moira or Aaron there to support him.

Moira had been determined to ensure that her son didn’t pay for her crime and arrived at the court to set things straight and present evidence to persuade the police that she had killed Emma. But she was unaware that Cain was already orchestrating a chain of events to set Adam on the run – with the help of a few friends and contacts.

As Robert Sugden busied himself setting up alibis for Cain and Aaron at the scrapyard and the Dingles’ house, Aaron and Cain drove the prison van off the road carrying Adam and another prisoner. They unlocked Adam’s door but broke out the other inmate to make it look like the crash was orchestrated to liberate him and not Adam.

Adam awaited his fate in Emmerdale
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A bewildered Adam took his opportunity to escape with the help of Cain and Aaron and the plan was to sneak him onto a cargo ship via a container that would eventually get him to Amsterdam. He would then travel alone to France and lie low with a friend of Aaron’s who would provide him with work.

While it means that he isn’t in prison, the ending is a sad one for happy-go-lucky Adam who is now left without anyone he loves for the rest of his life as he faces enduring the remainder of his days as a fugitive from the law.

Adam escaped from prison in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

Looking at photographs of his family and of Victoria as he sailed away, Adam cried, clearly unsure of whether he had made the right decision but with him returning bound to land Aaron and Cain right in it, he is going to have to make the best of his situation as he joins the ranks of fellow village escapees like Declan, Andy and Kirin.


This does however leave the door open for a future return for Adam – although a lot of complicated things would have to happen for him to be able to stroll comfortably around the village again down the line!

Meanwhile, Moira now has to pick up the pieces and wonder about her son’s fate – and when she gets bad news in a week’s time, could Adam have been caught? Or might something even worse have become of him?

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