Hollyoaks spoilers: Susie Amy reveals all as Scarlett turns up to destroy Luke Morgan and Mandy Richardson’s wedding

Hollyoaks stars reveal all as Scarlett arrives to destroy Luke
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Luke Morgan will fear that his whole life is going to be reduced to ashes by his ex Scarlett when she turns up in Hollyoaks armed with the information that he is still married – and has a 15-year-old son! How will Mandy Richardson react if the truth comes out and destroys the big day?

The storyline sees Footballer’s Wives actors Susie Amy and Gary Lucy reunited on screen years after they said goodbye to their alter egos Kyle and Chardonnay. And joining them is newcomer Aedan Duckworth who plays their son Oliver.

Luke has been trying to keep his secret life a secret from Mandy and has tried to also delay the impending wedding as he knows that marrying again will make him a bigamist. As the big day ends up being moved forward, Luke is beside himself but he and Scarlett eventually come face to face.

Scarlett arrives back in Hollyoaks
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Scarlett wants money in exchange for her silence and insists that she will turn the wedding day upside down and reveal the truth to Mandy – but what happens next remains a closely guarded secret. visited the Hollyoaks set to talk about the big episodes.

Speaking about being reunited with Gary, Susie enthused: ‘I adore him – we’ve got amazing memories of working together in the past – and it’s such a joy to get to work together again, with a totally different character dynamic this time. He hasn’t changed a bit!’

Scarlett, Oliver and Luke in Hollyoaks
Our soaps editor with Aedan Duckworth (Oliver), Susie Amy (Scarlett) and Gary Lucy (Luke) (Picture: Lime Pictures)

And speaking of Scarlett’s story, Susie branded her character as mischievous, bold and adventurous, she added: ‘Seeing Luke for the first time in years is bizarre and stirs up all sorts of emotions. He meant so much and he had given her, her much loved son. But she’s angry, so seeing him happy and about to get married is painful – even if she did choose to leave him.’

‘There’s a lot of history here – the pressing thing for Luke is that he needs a divorce so he is both pleased and stressed that Scarlett is in the village. His real soft spot is his son so while he isn’t necessarily happy to see Scarlett, what she brings with him is his child, which is the most important thing to someone. They haven’t seen each other in so long so Scarlett is both the facilitator for them reuniting but also the obstacle keeping them from spending time together.


‘It’s important to remember that it’s hard for Scarlett – she is quite reliant on Oliver as they have just been the two of them since she and Luke split up so are very close. There may be a bit of role reversal – sometimes Oliver takes care of Scarlett. She is in a really difficult place. There are so many layers to it because she has both affection and resentment to Luke – she swings from anger to sympathetic and to serious protection of her son. So I feel so lucky be a part of all of this.’

She continued: ‘There is also a lot of guilt there that she stopped Luke and Oliver from seeing each other. In her head, she sees Luke as the problem back then but they both were. It was a very passionate relationship and very temperamental. Neither operated on a calm level.’

Luke and Scarlett argue in Hollyoaks
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So is Scarlett sticking around? She informed us: ‘I’m in for a short stint now then I came back to film a bit more. I am not too sure where it is all going but initially it is just a few episodes to facilitate Oliver coming in. With the storylines going in the direction that they are, I am really loving it – I have had a lot of roles that haven’t been as fun as this one. I don’t mean Chardonnay as she had great storylines but a few roles since then – Scarlett is feisty, passionate and she’s not perfect so it’s very fun to play that. So yes, I would love to do some more!’

Discussing his debut, Aedan shared: ‘You just want to impress everyone when you first start don’t know – I’ve got a big entrance! I think I will be sitting down and watching my first episode with my family; we’ll be doing a big night if I’m not filming. I’m excited – but nervous at the same time.

Luke meets his son Oliver in Hollyoaks
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‘My nana was absolutely over the moon – she was absolutely crying her eyes out which was lovely to see. My family are all really chuffed for me as it’s such a great opportunity for a 16-year-old. I’ve become quite good mates with some of the cast my age as well already, everyone has been really nice.’

Mandy Richardson gets married in Hollyoaks
Our soaps editor with Sarah Jayne Dunn aka Mandy Richardson (Picture: Lime Pictures)

And Gary is more than delighted with the newcomers. Proud as punch, he enthused: ‘It was a joy back then to work with Susie and it’s a joy now – she’s lovely and I’m grateful that Hollyoaks managed to make it happen. And Aedan is absolutely great too – he’s got it, he’s a raw talent. And Hollyoaks will make him as great as he can be – it’s a brilliant journey he’s about to go on, I’m very jealous.’

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