Huge Crimea Investments Almost Done – Multi $Billion Bridge and Int’l Airport (Russian TV News)

Here is a fascinating report from Russian TV about two major hi-tech infrastructure projects built in record time at world-class standards.

The multi $billion bridge from Russia to Crimea should be operational in a few weeks. It will dramatically boost the Crimean economy, allowing Russian tourists and commerce easy access to the Peninsula.

Featuring ultra-modern construction and materials, this bridge is an excellent example of the rapid economic growth the region has been experiencing since its reclamation by Russia.

The brand new, world class international airport, will have the ability to handle dozens of flights simultaneously.

This rapid pace of improvement shows no signs of flagging in the near future, and is already a good showcase for the truly advanced construction capabilities of the Russia-backed territory.

The second video is an in-depth look at the bridge.

Full transcript of both videos below:

Video 1: About the bridge and airport:

Video 2: More detail about the bridge:

Full transcript to video 1:

An elegant, unique, and, most importantly, hospitable wave is coming over Crimea. There is no doubt from the first moment, it's definitely a resort. The holiday begins here, on the crest of the Crimean wave.

"Crimea is changing and growing. It's becoming so beautiful." Our industries are growing, and they're building a bridge, so we'll have more visitors.

"The terminal has unique waves. It takes your breath away when you approach the terminal".

"We have not seen everything yet, but we've already impressed." As soon as we got here, we saw how beautiful it is. "

For Crimea, it's an unprecedented project. It was built from scratch in an open field and in record time – only 2 years. Just look at the terminal's façade, all the lines are unique. These swans-necks create the illusion of waves. The new terminal is a controlled by a SmartHome-like system. The fully automated system controls the temperature, humidity, and light levels. It has everything you need. Crimea has never had such a high level of comfort.

This is the largest airport in Southern Russia. You can see it in the archive footage. The first flight from Simferopol to Moscow was over 80 years ago. The flight lasted almost. The passengers were greeted in a small air terminal building. Right now, people from all over the country are flying to Crimea via the new terminal.

This is a unique baggage handling system which was manufactured in Russia for the first time in history, its total length is almost 2 km. Its throughput capacity is almost 5,000 bags per hour, which means that dozens of flights can be serviced at the same time. Over the past 4 years, the passenger flow has increased fivefold. The old airport building. The new terminal can accept over 6,000,000 tourists annually. They have not had such results even in the best Soviet years.

Evgeny Plaksin, the CEO of the Simferopol International Airport: "Our main message to the passengers is that they arrived on the shore of the Black Sea. ".

The Crimean Bridge is also prepared for the busy season. They are turning on the lights along the Kerch Strait. This way, they're making sure it'll be bright and safe at night. The size of this grand construction site is clearly visible from the air. The 19-km-long transport corridor. This is probably the most scenic bridge in the country. Where else will you bump into a pod of dolphins? They monitor their habitat very closely.

Another masterpiece is cooked up at the Crimean Bridge construction site's kitchen. It's a two-layer asphalt pie, very fresh and still hot. The secret of this signature dish is a special bituminous additive, it's a special substance that makes the pavement durable, long-lasting, and resistant to deformation and cracks. This will truly be a next-generation road. Where the first piles were inserted two years ago, asphalt is being laid right now. The longest bridge in the country is at an incredible rate. Nothing has ever been built in such harsh conditions. Only our specialists.

Arkady Rotenberg, the Chairman of the Board at Stroygazmontazh: "I've had many difficulties, everybody has had a job to do, and they've done it very well." They told me about it a long time ago when I did not even dream of anything like this. "I never thought I would be a part of such a grand project as the Crimean Bridge." It's make me very happy. "

Now, the whole country dreams of driving across the Crimean Bridge, too. It will be open for traffic in May; 6 months ahead of schedule. However, it seems like the workers have even more stuff to do now. Here, they're setting up the highway sound barriers and guardrails. They're already applying highway striping on some sections. The Kerch Strait is not just a bridge. It's an all-over-the-road network, which is being built at breakneck speeds. They have not had such roads in Crimea yet. This incredible construction project will radically change the peninsula's transport infrastructure. The highway construction project is a 24/7 process. It will be the key highway for cargo delivery and tourist arrivals. The 240-km Taurida Highway will lie on the shortest and fastest route. It will have two lanes and it's scheduled to be opened at the end of the year.

Full transcript to video 2:

Vehicle access to the Crimean Bridge is 93% done. The Ministry of Transport predicts a significant price drop for petroleum products in the region due to the implementation of the new throughway. Meanwhile, resorts are expecting a fivefold increase in tourist flow. Everyone is monitoring the construction process even from space. The first pictures were taken from the ISS. They were published by Anton Shkaplerov, a Russian astronaut.

Here's how the Crimean Bridge looks from space. Passenger vehicles and tour buses will be able to use the bridge in May, and trucks will be able to use it by October. The Public Roads State Committee of Crimea assures that there will be no traffic jams on the bridge, even during peak season.

Our correspondent, Olga Armyakova is live from the Crimean Bridge over the Kerch Strait.

– Hello, Olga. The opening ceremony is getting close. What else needs to be done there?

– Hello, Andrey. The road that connects two shores of one country is ready. The workers are laying down the last meters of fresh, heavy-duty asphalt right now. Here they are, the 19 kilometers that cross the Kerch Strait. In the distance, you can see the white railroad and highway arc. In just a few weeks, this road will see its first vehicles and busses. Almost everything is ready for that. Guardrails have been installed along the entire highway, and bright lamp posts have been mounted to ensure safe driving conditions on the Crimean Bridge even at nighttime or amid poor weather conditions.

Soon, they'll install traffic signs and apply road markings here, which will be the final chord. This road is already being washed using special equipment. Basically, they are applying the finishing touches as they polish it to perfection. This is where the first cars will be seen. Drivers should be aware of the important fact that the speed limit on the Crimean Bridge is 90 km/h. What will the road be like? For that, we go to the experts.

– What will this road over the Kerch Strait be like?

Leonid Ryshenkin, the Deputy CEO of the Engineering & Procurement Company: "The road will be perfect because we're honestly proud of the work done. When we drive our service cars along the finished parts of the road, we know that drivers will be very comfortable driving here".

Hundreds of tests have been conducted to test the road and the bridge's structure. The tests have proven that this is a highly reliable structure because the Crimean Bridge is being built to last. Construction never stops here; it never slows down even for a minute. While preparing to open the highway atop the Crimean Bridge, the workers are also building the railroad part of the bridge. The bridge will be open for rail traffic in December 2019.

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