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Interested in the weather? Join the new Saudi Meteorological Club

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RIYADH: The Saudi Meteorological Club for weather and climate amateurs was established under the umbrella of the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME).

This club aims to encourage the participation of all people, especially experts, to raise awareness of meteorology in the Kingdom, as well as organizing work in this field.

Seventy climate amateurs have already joined the club. The conditions to become a member of the club are to be a Saudi, be more than 20 years old, and be interested in the climate.

The club is followed by Prince Faisal bin Khaled, governor of Northern Border region, who said that the club seeks to attract international consultative experts to communicate in the cognitive and scientific fields and support the climate amateurs’ first steps, especially the young national talents.

The prince said: “The club seeks to hold conferences, lectures and specialized programs; organize an annual competition for the Kingdom’s climate amateurs; establish a special library in this field to provide the necessary information; and find the right solutions with the governmental and private authorities, to achieve the club’s objectives.

The club is promoted by sharing climate information released by the PME, and training and participating in the climate-related events.

Recently, a new weather and climate forecast station was inaugurated in the Northern Border region, including weather and climate prediction, an early radar system, and satellite imagery.

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