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Iran-Iraq war: Looking back at the chemical bombing of Sardasht

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Forty years ago, Saddam Hussein invaded Iran, launching a war that raged for eight years. The late Iraqi dictator also unleashed chemical weapons on Iran. This conflict is considered one of the deadliest in modern history. Today, the survivors of those poison gas attacks still struggle with mental and physical health problems. However, the residents of the Iranian town of Sardasht have not given up their fight for international recognition of the horrific massacre. We tell you more.


In Lebanon, rising inflation means that many impoverished but also middle class women can no longer afford to pay gynaecologist fees. Experts warn that long-term consequences may include higher rates of breast cancer and other deadly infections. Thameen Al-Kheetan and Zohra Ben Miloud report.

Last week, Israel and the UAE sigRead More – Source




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