Mandy Moore Had a Trendy Cryotherapy Facial to Get Glowing Skin For the Golden Globes

Glowing skin is arguably the best accessory at any awards show. Here's how Mandy Moore got hers.

In preparation for the 75th Golden Globes tonight, where her show, This Is Us, is up for Best Television Drama Series, Mandy Moore booked an appointment with celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas to make sure her skin would look luminous.

Mandy Moore Pre-Facial

On Instagram, Moore documented the buzzy beauty trend she received: cryotherapy. You've probably seen social media snaps of other celebs—Moore included—stripping down to step into a freezing cold cryotherapy chamber, which can be chilled as much as 300 degrees below Fahrenheit with the goal of reducing inflammation, burning calories, and soothing sore muscles.

While cryotherapy is not FDA approved (and some health professionals advise skipping it, including Health's own contributing medical editor Dr. Raj),it has become increasingly popular in the beauty world for more targeted treatments such as on the face. According to Vargas, when used in a facial, cryotherapy helps to increase circulation, oxygenation, and lymphatic drainage and fight inflammation.

Mandy Moore Joanna Vargas Facial

Mandy Moore Joanna Vargas Facial

Moore received the Supernova Facial, which Vargas rolled out specifically for her celeb clients during awards season. The treatment uses the facialist's newest tool, Aqua Peel, which removes the top layer of dead skin with an oxygenating formula that packs glycolic acid.Next up: a microcurrent device sends electric currents beneath the skin's surface to help lift, contour, and depuff.This is followed by a medical-grade collagen mask along with a thermal clay mask. Finally, Vargas applies cryotherapy to skin and finishes with oxygen to lock in a healthy glow.

Mandy Moore Post-Facial

Mandy Moore Post-Facial

The Supernova Facial may only be available for A-listers like Moore, but you can channel her gorgeous glow with the Joanna Vargas product line. We love the classic Exfoliating Mask ($75;, which Vargas refers to as "a facial in five minutes" (count us in). Use it up to twice a week to keep skin looking smooth and clear. Another great option: Forever Glow Anti-Aging Face Mask ($75 for 5 sheet masks;, a hydrating mask that's great for targeting fine lines and wrinkles.

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