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Rababah … the Bedouins’ violin hits the right notes with camel fair visitors

Author: MOHAMMED AL-SULAMISat, 2018-01-06 19:58ID: 1515268591289294000

JEDDAH: The famous rebab player Obeid bin Ayesh Al-Rusheidi said the second season of King Abdul Aziz Camel Festival is very different than the first one. He indicated that new events added to the festival and the developmental work show how much the festival has changed.

The rebab is a musical instrument consisting of a rectangular wood plank with leather, strings from a horse’s tail, and an ark. The instrument allows the player to perform all kinds of songs and music, said Al-Rusheidi.

He said that he will take part in the festival at the Taalil tent, and important poets and storytellers are performing there, enriching the cultural atmosphere through stories about our ancestors. He added that the rebab still impresses the succeeding generations, for it is deeply connected to their heritage and thus, they feel the need to protect and develop it.

Al-Rusheidi said that the rebab’s presence in public and private events, including the King Abdul Aziz Camel Festival reflects its great importance and value. The rebab will always remain special and contemporary, he said.

He has played the rebab at the biggest local festivals, such as the Janadriyah Festival, and in international events as well. He played the rebab at the World Cup 1994, the Philippines, Bejing, Egypt, Lausanne, and the Gulf countries.

Al-Rusheidi said that rising rebab artists are presenting great performances that deserve to be promoted and attended.

He also noted that the performance of rebab is connected to the poem and its music, adding that most of the poems he performs belong to others — Abdullah bin Aoun, Lafi Al-Ghidani, Khalaf Al-Khass, Mohammed Al-Khass, Zeid Al-Adila, Rashid Al-Zulami and others.

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