Robert special and Tom Waterhouse reveal: 20 big Christmas and New Year spoilers for Emmerdale

20 big Christmas and New Year spoilers for Emmerdale including betrayal and twist
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Emmerdale is going experimental for the main feature of its Christmas when Robert Sugden goes on a journey that he will never forget. But there are other storylines playing out to get excited for too as the aftermath of Moira Dingle’s reveal as Emma Barton’s killer continues to cause misery in the village while Debbie Dingle is about to get the shock of her life thanks to shady Tom Waterhouse.

Elsewhere, Rebecca White has a big decision to make, Bob Hope may have some making up to do, Harriet Finch feels the strain and Aaron Dingle’s self confidence over his scars affects his relationship with Dr Alex.

Here’s your big Christmas guide for the Dales:

20 Emmerdale Christmas and New Year spoilers

  • Robert embarks on a journey as he faces several confusing but eye opening scenarios in an odd Christmas Day experience.
  • The Dingles gather for Christmas and Aaron brings Dr Alex along but is his mind elsewhere?
  • Moira struggles as she reflects on the past couple of years and she realises that she has to be there for Adam and Isaac.
  • Harriet and Cain feel the strain as he continues to support Moira while she feels frozen out.
  • Faith has words of advice for Aaron when he admits that his scars are making him reject intimacy with Alex.
  • Aaron and Alex spend the night together but will it strengthen the relationship or does Aaron still have feelings for Robert?
  • Jimmy finds himself pulled into the golf course plans and he starts to regret his involvement.
  • Rebecca sees Robert’s genuine remorse and starts to thaw towards letting him back into Seb’s life.
  • Lachlan intervenes to ensure Robert is painted as the villain again and Rebecca and Chrissie react to events.
  • Garry seriously suffers after a heavy Christmas at the Dingles’.
Robert has a strange Emmerdale Christmas
(Picture: ITV)
  • Sam and Lydia take action but find themselves arrested – is Tom the one behind it?
  • Lachlan makes it clear that he wants Chrissie to buy a flat in Leeds for him and Belle but do the Whites have other ideas?
  • Debbie reaches out to Tom over Sam and Lydia’s arrest and can’t shake her suspicions as something seems amiss…
  • …and when she is duped into signing important paperwork, the penny starts to drop.
  • The police arrive in the village with more questions but can Moira sort things out once and for all?
  • Leyla makes plans to move to Greece and tries to persuade Jacob that it will be a good thing.
  • Tension remains for Bob in the wake of his betrayal – will he and Brenda find themselves on the rocks?
  • Alex needs to buy a birthday present for Aaron and when Robert sees he has got something he won’t like, will he help out?
  • Cain declares his love to Moira but she reacts violently and lashes out.
  • Tom’s betrayal has far reaching consequences but can he turn things back in his favour?

Christmas Day: 5:50pm

Robert has a strange experience in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

Hour long episode.

Robert faces a bizarre journey as he wakes up in several different realities. As he faces up to the events of the past year, will his Christmas Carol like experience give him an epiphany? Elsewhere, Aaron’s mind is elsewhere as he and Alex attend the Dingles’ for lunch while a surprising cameo takes Robert aback.

Boxing Day: 6:10pm

Faith tries to help Aaron in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

Aaron comes clean about his self harming to Alex after a pep talk from Faith while Gerry suffers from a hangover following a very heavy Dingle Christmas. Chrissie urges Rebecca to get rid of the presents Robert left for Seb but Lawrence insists that she has to make the decision in her own time.

Wednesday 27th December: 7pm

Aaron explains to Alex in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

Alex and Aaron continue to grow closer after sleeping together, much to Liv’s delight while Victoria pledges to help Robert see Seb but someone in the White family has other ideas when Rebecca starts to thaw.

Zak comes up with an idea to try and help the Dingles keep their home and enlists Faith’s support.

Thursday 28th December: 7pm

Hour long episode

Rebecca makes plans while Robert realises what Lachlan has done and considers his next move after speaking to Victoria. Morris introduces himself to Jimmy and could be about to lure him into the golf course plans. Bernice plans to go on a date with Daz.

Friday 29th December: 7pm

20 big Christmas and New Year spoilers for Emmerdale including betrayal and twist
(Picture: ITV)

The Dingles prepare for the enquiry and Jimmy is nervous about his involvement while Chrissie and Rebecca try to deal with their situation in the wake of what has happened.

New Year’s Day: 7pm

Sam’s plan with Lydia to sabotage the land backfires when the pair are arrested but is Tom behind it? Cain and Harriet feel the strain in their relationship as Cain pledges to continue helping Moira while Lachlan attempts to persuade Chrissie to agree to buy a flat but will she be swayed? Or does she have other plans?

Tuesday 2nd January: 7pm

Hour long episode.

Faith’s support is met with gratitude from Moira while Debbie is shown around the office as she starts work with Tom but when she is lured into signing some important paperwork, there are big consequences.

Wednesday 3rd January: 7pm

Moira despairs at Cain in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

Moira lashes out at Cain when he tells her again that he loves her while Tom tries to win Debbie round after the betrayal becomes clearer. The police arrive with more questions and Jacob tries to change Leyla’s mind about moving to Greece.

Thursday 4th January: 7pm

Jacob wants Leyla to stay in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

Liv makes plans for Aaron’s birthday and Leyla tries to persuade Jacob that her move to Greece will be a good thing as he tries to put a stop to it. Debbie has a decision to make over Tom and tension rises between Bob and Brenda.

Thursday 4th January: 8pm

Cain and Moira try to sort things out while Alex tries to cheer up a sad Aaron. Debbie is left reeling after recent events but where does Tom stand with her? Doug makes an attempt to lift Bob’s spirits.

Friday 5th January

Cain and Harriet struggle in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

Cain is left furious by recent events. Meanwhile he makes an effort with Harriet but does his heart remain with Moira? Robert sees an opportunity to help Alex where Aaron is concerned after he realises that Alex’s birthday gift idea won’t be a hit but what will he do?


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