Russian Scientists Propose Healthier ‘Olivier Salad’


Russian scientists have proposed changing the traditional ingredients of the popular Olivier salad for a healthier and low-calorie alternative.

The Olivier salad, made of chopped potatoes, meat, carrots and other vegetables along with eggs and mayonnaise, has been a staple of Russian New Year celebrations for more than a century.

But nutrition scientists at the Siberian State Medical University say that cooks should swap out three key ingredients: mayonnaise, sausage and pickles.

Mayonnaise "is a real calorie bomb," warn the scientists.

They suggest making a homemade sauce of olive oil, egg yolk, mustard and lemon juice that will "very much remind you of the mayonnaise we're used to" but with far less calories.

Sausage, which contains trans-fats, should be exchanged for boiled chicken or turkey, the scientists said.

Pickles should also be taken out because of their high salt content, which can lead to swelling and increase the appetite.

"On New Year's eve, that's not a desirable effect," the scientists added.

Belgian chef Lucien Olivier is credited with inventing the salad in the 1860s during his tenure at the Hermitage, a popular Moscow restaurant. Throughout the world, the dish is often called Russian salad.

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