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Saudi businesswomen to meet Dutch counterparts to develop leadership skills

Thu, 2018-05-03 00:08

RIYADH: A delegation of Saudi businesswomen will travel to the Netherlands next week to meet their Dutch counterparts, visit companies and share experiences that will be helpful in developing business leadership skills.

The trip is being organized by the Netherlands Embassy in Riyadh.

Dutch Ambassador Joost Reintjes said: “We have started this because the role of women in Saudi society is now changing. It is not only about allowing them to drive, but also about work culture, business, and entrepreneurship. There are a lot more Saudi women running their own companies or starting their businesses.

“The idea is that a group of businesswomen from different Saudi sectors will be in the Netherlands from May 6 to May 11. They will meet business partners, officials, visit companies, different places, they have a meeting with the Amsterdam mayor and they will explain to their Dutch counterparts, including female entrepreneurs from Holland, what is happening in Saudi Arabia.”

He said the delegation will include six businesswomen from the Kingdom, who will join a group of six businesswomen from the UAE.

Reintjes said 60 years ago, the position of women in the Dutch labor market was completely different. “Now they can do what they want. The situation in the Kingdom is also changing,” he added.

Marene Madi, an adviser on educational and economic affairs at the embassy, said: “The program is mainly a combination of official and business visits. During the official visits, they will meet members from the ministry and representatives from government entities, while on business visits they will meet their counterparts in the Netherlands to share their experiences, discuss market opportunities and future partnership.”

A member of the delegation, Maha Sulaiman Al-Nuhait, co-founder and CEO of Athar, a consultancy for sustainability and corporate social responsibility, told Arab News: “We are looking forward to this, having a wonderful time with our Dutch counterparts, sharing our experiences and exchanging ideas on business development.”

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