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Saudi women prefer minivans to larger SUVs

Author: NADA HAMEEDMon, 2018-01-15 03:00ID: 1515967130876349500

JEDDAH: Le Mall in Jeddah hosted Saudi Arabia’s first women-only car show last week.
The show — held under the slogan “Drive and Shop” — came as a result of King Salman’s historic 2017 announcement that women would finally be allowed to drive in the Kingdom, starting in June this year.
The exhibition offered women information about various automotive brands, as well as financing options from the leading banks and financial houses in the Kingdom.
The automotive showroom was sponsored by a private Saudi dealership offering an assortment of 2018 models and brands.
Samia Mohammed Noor, a housewife and mother-of-five, told Arab News: “My husband has a big SUV due to the size of our family, but I’d like to have a minivan; it’s better for me to handle than a bigger car.”
Raneem Adel, also a housewife and mother-of-six, told Arab News: “I actually wish I could have a minivan. I don’t want a huge SUV that needs lots of gasoline.”
Majed Al-Harbi, who heads the Jeddah branch of the show’s sponsors, told Arab News: “This showroom aims to present cars to women so they can learn more about cars and the choices they should be aware of before they decide to buy one when women are allowed to drive on June 10.”
He added that the show had focused on cars that are fuel-efficient, an important
factor following the Kingdom’s introduction of the value-added tax (VAT).

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