The Ab Move That Keeps Ashley Graham (and Her Mom!) Strong

The mother-daughter duo crushed this core exercise that targets the obliques.

Looking for a workout buddy? You may want to consider your mom. At least that’s what model Ashley Graham did: The 30-year-old—who regularly shares her killer fitness routines on social media—headed to Dogpound in NYC this past weekend for what she captioned a “Mommy Daughter Workout” in an Instagram Story.

Watching the video clips of Graham and her equally fit mom, Linda, sweat it out side by side gave us ALL the feels. It also gave our abs ALL the quivers, especially when they tackled this core crusher.

Ashley Graham

The move: Plank Knee Twist on a Bosu Ball

Why it’s good: It works your entire core, with a focus on the obliques. Plus the Bosu ball challenges your stability.

How to do it: Get into a plank with hands on the sides of a Bosu ball. With abs tight, rotate waist and bring left knee in and across body towards right triceps. Straighten right leg back out to plank, and then bring right knee in and across body towards left triceps. Return left leg back out to plank. Continue alternating legs as fast as possible.

Try it out with your mom—or any gym buddy—to take both your ab routine (hello COREgeous!) and your relationship to the next level.

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