This 8-Minute Ab Workout Will Strengthen Every Muscle in Your Core

In this video, 8fit trainer Marife San Victores will take you through a short routine that targets every muscle in the abdomen in just 8 minutes.

They say abs are made in the kitchen, but we’re firm believers that a good core workout can’t hurt. That’s why we invited Marife San Victores, a coach from the personal training app 8fit, to show us the best exercises for a tight, toned middle. In this video, San Victores will take you through a short routine that targets every muscle in the abdomen.

Here’s how it works: You do eight reps of each move, then repeat the sequence as many times as you can in eight minutes. Simple as that.

Curious which moves San Victores uses to build a killer core? First come plank up-downs. The exercise builds on a standard plank by continuously switching between a forearm plank and a high plank. Walking the pose up and down works the arms and core even harder.

After that you’ve got plank jacks: Start in a high plank and continuously jump your feet in and out in a jumping jack motion. Combining the classic strength pose with the fat-burning movements will help elevate your heart rate while you target your core. Double yes.

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Next, San Victores shows you how to do plank shoulder touches and bear crawls that target the shoulders, triceps, and abs all at the same time. For a quick cardio interlude, you’ll do some mountain climbers. And last but not least, you’ll get into a side plank on your left forearm with the right arm extended toward the ceiling; then reach that right arm under your body eight times. Repeat the sequence on your right side. You’ll feel the burn in your obliques, shoulders, and upper arms.

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